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  • JQ85
    started a topic VH12 versus ???

    VH12 versus ???

    Hi All,

    So a bit of background. I have a Roland td 12 using a VH12 as my hi hat. I run Steven Slate through midi. Im not overwhelmed with the performance of the hi hat. I find it can be sluggish,very noisy and not realistic feeling at all. The vh12s were bought second hand so maybe that's...
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  • Advice on purchasing TD-20 with High Hat Issues

    Howdy Group,

    I'm looking at buying a used TD-20. Interestingly enough, the vh-12 that the kit originally came with has a triggering issue with the bottom hat. The seller bought a used vh-11 on ebay... and it doesn't work either... again the bottom trigger is not working. I know it's...
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  • SPD-30 octapad with a VH-12

    Does anyone use a SPD-30 Octapad with a vh-12? I've searched the forums and havn't found anyone who has asked this. I've read my manual and it lists the vh-11 as supported but since the SPD-30 just came out in 2010, I would think it supports the vh-12. If it loses the pressure feature of the vh-12 and...
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  • zgeggy2k
    started a topic Remote HH with VH-12

    Remote HH with VH-12

    I know, there are quite a few threads about this and I did gather some info (been on this site for hours ), but some threads are pretty old (newer hardware may be different), and most of them talk about the VH-11.

    What I gathered so far, for the VH-12, is that:
    1) one has to...
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  • hushang1982
    started a topic VH12 - TD20 - Setting

    VH12 - TD20 - Setting

    Hey Guys,

    This is Hushang and I am new at this site. Hell, I am even new to drumming. Just bought TD-20, expanded it to TDW, and now waiting for my compact flash drive and compact flash card to update the OS to 2.5.1.

    I have been trying to setup the VH12 - hi hat - for...
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  • How incompatible is the VH-12 with the TD-9?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post to this site although I have been using it daily as a reference . You have a great site! I have a TD-9 and want to upgrade my high hats to a VH-12. I know they are not “compatible” and that the VH-11’s are fully compatible. The question is will the VH-12 work...
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