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  • Importing TD6 and/or TD20 kits into a TD10 Module with vdrumlib

    I'm new to the forum and have just read about vdrumlib. I just bought a used TD10 set for a church to use in their contemporary service, replacing a set of TD6 drums. Also, I personally bought a set TD20SX last year. There are a couple of sets on the TD6 drums that are pretty decent and the TD20 set...
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  • original TD-12 files

    hi guys, i loaded up my td12 with some kits using vdrumlib a couple of years ago but cant find or forgot to(probably the latter) back up the originals onto my computer. just wondering if any of you have them and would be kind enough to send them to me? would really appreciate it. thanks
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  • TD9v2 and Vdrumlib

    Hi folks

    I've used the search engine on here and cant seem to find the answer to my question. Apologies if I've missed something!

    The TD9v2 has 99 kits available. I want to make a selection of kits from masters 50 and the original TD9v2 kits so that I have a selection of...
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  • Help: TD9 + 3 CY8's = one crash not triggering


    As the title says, I have a TD9 with 3 CY8's, one of which is not triggering.

    I don't have a CY12 or any other three-way triggering cymbal. Prior to getting my TD9 (two days ago ), I was using a TD-6V and all three cymbals were working fine.

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  • deafdrummer
    started a topic Help with loading VEX to TD-12

    Help with loading VEX to TD-12

    Okay, here's a stupid question from a midi newbie. When using VDrum Lib to send vex kits to a TD-12, what am I supposed to press on the TD-12 before sending the kits to it? I assume I can't just turn it on. Do I hit SETUP and RECORD while turning it on, just like when upgrading the TD-12 firmware...
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  • lordubbe
    started a topic VDrumLib


    I have a problem.

    I bought Metal Mania earlier today, but i only liked few of the kits included, so i got my hands on VDrumLib, and it seems awesome for my purpouse (i wanna mix some of the kits from MM with the standard kits from the TD-9), EXCEPT when i save it all as a backup on my...
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  • cy-8 ride trigger mix-up with VEX

    This weekend I downloaded and installed the VEX Master 50 pack for my TD-6V.

    The pack loaded fine and it sounds great! I used VDrumLib and an EMU 1x1 usb-to-midi cable to back up my module and transfer the VEX pack.

    My only problem is my ride cymbal sounds are mixed up....
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  • jedaffra
    started a topic VDrumLib + Computer + TD-6V

    VDrumLib + Computer + TD-6V


    I would like to connect my computer to my TD-6V via usb-to-midi cable so I can check out VDrumLib.

    However, my computer is in another room - far away from my kit.

    My question is this: can I unplug my TD-6V brain from the pads/cymbals and move it into...
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  • joseclaro1
    started a topic Vdrumlib [realtime changes?]

    Vdrumlib [realtime changes?]

    Hello, when you change a setting in Vdrumlib the changes are in realtime on the module (td12) or you have to upload it?

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  • zep
    started a topic Vdrum library/Vexpressions question

    Vdrum library/Vexpressions question

    Hi All,

    I recently purchased a TD12K after not having played drums since high school.
    I am having lots of fun.. and best of all I am not disturbing anyone!

    Question......I just bought A Vexpack, for the TD20, I have a TD12, but purchased that for the 4th tom and...
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