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  • Headphones recommendation after Sony MDR-7506 and Beyerdynamic DT 770 M

    I'm a Roland TD-9 module user who's been using Sony MDR-7506 headphones for years to general satisfaction. While the highs are a bit bright for my taste, the clarity is great and the bass is decent. My major complaint is that they do not isolate my ears from my sticks hitting the VH-11 high hats and...
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  • Rolad TD 9 and Yamaha hh65 hi hat controller

    Can I use a Yamaha HH 65 hi hat controller on my Roland TD 9? Thanks
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  • zby
    started a topic Roland TD9k HiHat openning

    Roland TD9k HiHat openning

    Hi, Is it possible to set the TD9K hihat opening smoothness? Currently I have an impression that there are only three levels of the sound of the hihat opening. I am not using MIDI. I have been using the set to practise only so far, but my band mates wants me to record my track for their practice or...
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  • Good TD9 deal, or should I keep looking?

    Hi all,

    New to the forum, but have been lurking for a while. I'm about to purchase my first V-drum setup! Going for a used setup, where I can get the most experience and fun for my budget, but also have room to expand.

    How does this deal sound for 650 euro:

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  • fatchoppers
    started a topic Td9 brain expansion

    Td9 brain expansion

    Can the td9 brain be expanded. There are some companies outside of Roland that offers expansions but are these new sounds or just custom adjustments to the existing brain.
    Any help appreciated. I'm not sure if I'm ready for the midi thing just yet so I'm hoping there is an updated with more...
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  • PhillipEscott
    started a topic I need empowering

    I need empowering

    I noticed two days ago that the DC leads from my power supply (near the adapter) have become exposed and are very likely to come into contact with each other soon. The power supply (PSB -1U) is for a TD9. On noticing the problem, I ordered a replacement, but Roland tells me it could take 5-8 weeks...
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  • jl2013
    started a topic TD 9KX2 versus TD15

    TD 9KX2 versus TD15

    Hello everyone: I live in Chile Latin America, been drumming for quiet a while. I pretend to use this kit basically for rehearsing and sometimes for live gigs. There are not a lot of options down here, but I have narrowed my search between two kits: TD9KX2 and TD 15 Iam having a hard time decid...
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  • PLS HLP! TD9K Advice for Adding to Existing Kit

    Hey Vdrummers,

    I did search for my topic and after reading quite a bit, I am still a bit confused. I am hoping someone can jump in here, hand hold me through a bit of this process and get me on my way. I have a Roland TD9K kit that I bought off a friend. It's cool, I dig it, but I am...
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  • What to buy and what not?

    My first post on this forum.
    Im planning to get my own first drumset for myself in birthdaypresent (Iīve been drumming on my sonīs TD-4 long enough so now I think Itīs time for me to have one too).
    I would like to have mesh-heads on all the drums and was looking on the TD-11KV...
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  • Td9 td-9 kits questions....

    Can anyone tell me the NAMES of the first 20 kits in a version 1 (original, not upgraded v 2.0) td-9 module ?

    Also can you reassign kits to be a different number - eg make kit number 40, to be number 20 instead ?

    If not can you assign a sound/voice from one kit...
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  • 1moreaxe
    started a topic can I use a higher td6 td9 module on hd3 hd-3
    in DIY

    can I use a higher td6 td9 module on hd3 hd-3

    I'm new to the forum and have had a quick check to see if anyone's done what I want to do. But cant see it, so forgive me if I've missed it. Here we go...

    I'm a novice drummer and the HD3 was an obvious choice for me. Of high priority was portability and small footprint, so...
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  • Playing mp3 songs from USB on TD9

    I have a TD9 with version 2.0 upgrade on it. I have a Roland USB Key and put 165 mp3 (no wav) songs on it (root directory) and no other files are on the USB (except SONGLIST.TD9). The owner's manual states the the TD-9 can read up to 200 songs on from the USB key. When I plug the USB in, an error...
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  • Bania
    started a topic Hello, new face in vdrum forums.

    Hello, new face in vdrum forums.

    Hello everyone,

    Its been a long time watching this forum for solutions and information about electronic drums and i have to say that you are doing a great job informing us, poor fellas, who want to know more about the vdrum space.

    Well, some things about my self, Im an...
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  • Problem with TD9, ezDrummer & Simmons DA 200

    Hi there,

    since last weekend i'm using ezdrummer, triggered by my TD9 with a Saffire 6 USB Audio Interface in Ableton Live

    It works fine when im using the headphone-out at the saffire, but i haven't found a way to connect the stuff with my Simmons DA 200. All i get from...
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  • VST Plugin like TD9's Scope (including metronome)?

    Hello all!

    I use TD9KX with MIDI routed into Superior Drummer 2 (Reaper as a host).
    Recently I've been experimenting with DSP Trigger for the snare and obviously the snare no longer shows up on TD9's Scope screen. I also have to connect the SD2's output back into TD9's mix-in,...
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