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  • Roland TD-12, still worth in 2020 ?


    I'm beginning my journey as a drummer and I would like a good drumkit for around 2000€. After checking out some options (Roland TD-17KV(X), ATV EXS-5 and others) I'm a little stuck. The ATV EXS-5 is great on paper, really good cymbals, toms, snare and hi-hats but the module...
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  • JQ85
    started a topic VH12 versus ???

    VH12 versus ???

    Hi All,

    So a bit of background. I have a Roland td 12 using a VH12 as my hi hat. I run Steven Slate through midi. Im not overwhelmed with the performance of the hi hat. I find it can be sluggish,very noisy and not realistic feeling at all. The vh12s were bought second hand so maybe that's...
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  • JQ85
    started a topic Roland Td 12 some buttons issue

    Roland Td 12 some buttons issue

    Hi All,

    I bought a Td 12 last year and its been working fine except I noticed last week some of the buttons no longer work. The affected 3 buttons are in the same section of the module Ambience, Inst and I can't remember the third one. Basically it means I can't edit instruments.
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  • Help! Kick interferes with Cymbal triggering on TD-12

    Hi all, new here. I'm reposting this from the technical section as I couldn't figure out how to move it.

    I have a TD-12 which I'm triggering with a Hart Dynamics Pro 6.4 kit. I am experiencing an issue where the Hart e-cymbals fail to trigger if the kick signal triggers at the same time...
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  • TD12 A2E using Tom rims as pecussion cuts out when hitting kick?

    Hi all. I really do hope somebody can help here.
    I have recently Built A2E from Mapex V series. I want to use the high tom rims as cowbell/ tambourine or splash BUT when I assign this and play a rhythm using the rims it cuts out the rim sound completely.
    I may be a little daft here but...
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  • qunvat
    started a topic Alternative to VH-11's?

    Alternative to VH-11's?

    Hi all,

    Have been / am selling all sorts of V drum stuff (mainly TD12 related) and decided to sell my VH11's.....not sure why as it'll leave me without any hats until I replace them!

    I had 2 pairs for sale which went very quickly and then listed mine, not 100% sure why but...
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  • mpj
    started a topic TD 12 Module snare issue

    TD 12 Module snare issue


    I switched on my TD12 , & the snare (head only) all my kits sounded weird - lack of bass, & a "skanky/pitch-bendy" kinda reverb (I have little or no muffling)
    All other parts of the kit sounded fine.

    Tried a different pad into the snare input, no...
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  • Backspacer
    started a topic TD 12 Midi Event for Strike Position

    TD 12 Midi Event for Strike Position


    The V-Drums TD 12 creates a particular midi controller event (CC16) for a particular strike position of the snare (half way position). This is not very helpful because my VST instrument does not recognize this event and instead it plays no sound at all. It works fine if I strike the...
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  • jamesstitch
    started a topic CY 12 edge trigger issues

    CY 12 edge trigger issues

    Hello all, I am having trouble with my CY12 that I use as my ride cymbal. The edge is no longer responding but the bell is. This is my second one in 6 months. The last one I used a fact finding piece ( just opened it up and look for melded material along the inner edge). So do I need to replac...
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  • 2pods
    started a topic K80, K85 and stereo cable

    K80, K85 and stereo cable

    I've had a TD8, a TD9, and now a TD12, and have used my old faithful KD80 throughout.

    Now with the TD8 I had a TRS cable to use the KD80 with another trigger as AFAIK there was no rim sound on a bass drum. However, what do I find on the TD12 sound list ? Bass drum rim sounds, that's what...
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  • Once and for all: a preset or power user tutorial for TD12 and Superior Drummer 2

    Hi, like many others probably experienced, I've been having a bit of a struggle to get the best playability and dynamics out of Superior Drummer 2 with a TD12. The SD2 manual isn't very detailed and the included 'e-drum preset' is only a basic starting point (rack tom rims and hihat need to be remapped...
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  • mitchmitchells
    started a topic original TD-12 files

    original TD-12 files

    hi guys, i loaded up my td12 with some kits using vdrumlib a couple of years ago but cant find or forgot to(probably the latter) back up the originals onto my computer. just wondering if any of you have them and would be kind enough to send them to me? would really appreciate it. thanks
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  • MTown
    started a topic TD 12 VOLUME TROUBLE


    Hey I'm new to the edrum game and recently put together a pearl edrum kit with a td12. The two problems I'm having is getting any volume out of the floor Tom
    (tom3). The trigger signal flashes green when it struck so the module does receive it but no volume at all comes out of headphones or...
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  • peteredd
    started a topic TD12 settings (BFD2, Cubase 5.5)

    TD12 settings (BFD2, Cubase 5.5)

    I'm curious to know how others here have set up their td12 module to work best in a recording situation using BFD2 for all sounds. The td12 kit is quite expressive when played through the default onboard sounds. Some of that sensitivity/expressiveness gets lost when using MIDI and BFD2. Any recommendations...
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  • Mad4Drums
    started a topic TD12 - Using Aux 1 & 2

    TD12 - Using Aux 1 & 2

    Hi All,

    I have recently invested in a TD12KX kit and want to make use of Aux2 - I already have a PD-105BK on Aux1 which sounds great and bought 2 second hand PD-8's with Y splitter cable to connect to Aux2.

    I changed settings in the module to input 12 to PD-8 but I can...
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