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  • zby
    started a topic Roland TD9k HiHat openning

    Roland TD9k HiHat openning

    Hi, Is it possible to set the TD9K hihat opening smoothness? Currently I have an impression that there are only three levels of the sound of the hihat opening. I am not using MIDI. I have been using the set to practise only so far, but my band mates wants me to record my track for their practice or...
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  • TD-4 Sounds out of a TD-9 V2?

    Hey Folks,
    I have been a TD-4 player for awhile, and recently got a great deal on a TD-9 module V1 & the update on a USB updated the modules kick & snares, but no xtra kits, just Dummy Kit from 50 up to 99....BUT I did not reset the module after the update,...
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  • TD-9 percussion set questions.

    Thanks to everyone who posts here, I've learned a lot from you guys and gals even though I've been making my own bassdrum pedals and pads since around 1987 (Yay Tama Techstar)

    I've had my TD-9 brain sitting around for several years, bought off eBay just waiting for me to get my woodshop
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  • Kuhn
    started a topic Pearl A2E conversion
    in DIY

    Pearl A2E conversion

    For those who are interested; here's my A2E conversion.

    Some may have seen my introduction but here goes a little context: I started drumming about a small year this is my first kit, a TD9 I got secondhand.

    I've allways loved the small jazzy set ups aswel for...
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  • thegreatinacio
    started a topic New member from Portugal!

    New member from Portugal!

    Hello dear friends, hope you're doing great!
    Thank you for having me on board.
    I own a roland TD9 V2 and I have a studio that we call Silent Studio as all of our band members play with headphones.
    Long story short we play psychedelic rock and I was wondering if any of you play this...
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  • VdrummerTod
    started a topic TD9 Midi mapping hi hats issue

    TD9 Midi mapping hi hats issue

    Hi all, first time posting here. I have been playing the TD9 using the internal sounds to record into Cubase as audio for a while now, No problems there. Recently upgraded to Cubase Pro8 (great DAW btw) and want to trigger either Groove Agent SE4 or Kontakt or Battery3. Here's the rub. In the edit window...
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  • Deamo79
    started a topic Botch Job Cymbal Trigger: Mount included.
    in DIY

    Botch Job Cymbal Trigger: Mount included.

    [Better images to follow - camera battery dead]

    Great for Crashing Splashing and Chinas. Not so good for intricate ride work.

    I had been thinking of / working on, a low noise real feel cymbal solution for a while. As i have no time ( work too much ) no money ( wife...
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  • Huxley
    started a topic VH-11 & TD-9 DEFAULT SETTINGS


    Hi all. I'm new here and this is my first post. Great community here, I'm happy to be a part of it

    My question is regarding my VH-11 hats. I purchased them 2nd-hand. I am finding the sensitivity has decreased on them and am hoping it's not the triggers breaking down on me. I messed with...
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    Last edited by Huxley; 11-05-13, 08:02 PM. Reason: I'm looking for help finding optimal settings, I should have stated that in the title

  • Help! TD-9 Module Headphone Jack broken

    The nipple that protrudes out of the module broke off. What's there are 4 delicate looking spines that I assume are the connectors to the headphone input. I've tried taping it back, but I can't get a good connection through the headphones.

    Are there replacement parts? Have I just ruined...
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  • How to make 99 MP3 songs into 1,000 songs for your TD-9, TD-11, TD-15 and TD-30

    I have found a way to have more than 99 songs on the TD-30 or any other module that supports MP3 playback. What I have done is join numerous MP3 files together. Each MP3 that is joined together can be up to 2GB in size. Now I donít recommend creating one that size but it is cool to know you can....
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  • Used price for Roland TD-9(KX)?


    My church is (wanting to) selling our Roland TD-9 drum kit. The problem is, no one remembers what we paid for them new or what they are worth now.
    They are in perfect condition. I'm pretty sure the model they are is TD-9KX. Everything is stock there has been no mods.
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  • Td9 td-9 kits questions....

    Can anyone tell me the NAMES of the first 20 kits in a version 1 (original, not upgraded v 2.0) td-9 module ?

    Also can you reassign kits to be a different number - eg make kit number 40, to be number 20 instead ?

    If not can you assign a sound/voice from one kit...
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  • TD-12/9 vs TD-15/11 when triggering MIDI samples

    Hi everyone!

    I have a TD-12 and a TD-9 that I am planning to connect to my DAW and then trigger Superior Drummer sounds. However there's a question that has been nagging me for some time now, and that is whether the TD-15 and TD-11 modules with their behaviour modeling will send "better"...
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  • My TD-96 a.k.a. TD-69 a.k.a. Red headed step sister.

    Hey guys, just wanted to post a pic of my finally completed TD-96. Big thanks to Saku for all the help with getting my modules to work with each other.

    I basically merged a TD-6V and TD-9SX (should really have sold the TD-6V to offset some of the cost of the TD-9SX but I had GAS) and...
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  • Preset Kit Descriptions?

    Hey drummers,
    This is my first post so here goes:

    I've just purchased the TD-9kx2 and I love all the preset kits on it but there's so many sounds on each kit it would be great if there was a description/breakdown of each kit. Do you know if there is? Or if someone has compiled...
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