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  • Anyone know where one can find an lcd for the Roland td-20?

    Google search has failed to turn up anything.
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  • Things Roland need to release after Pearl’s May 2nd

    Given DW’s product release and what Pearl will release coming up on May 2nd, I have some products I wish Roland would go ahead and release: (in order)

    1) 14” Tom pad for the 20/30/50K line and 30/50 KV line... we have a 14” snare, shouldn’t be that big of a deal

    2) the long...
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  • JQ85
    started a topic Roland Td 12 some buttons issue

    Roland Td 12 some buttons issue

    Hi All,

    I bought a Td 12 last year and its been working fine except I noticed last week some of the buttons no longer work. The affected 3 buttons are in the same section of the module Ambience, Inst and I can't remember the third one. Basically it means I can't edit instruments.
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  • Gbouten
    started a topic Adding expansion Card to TD-20 using TDW-20

    Adding expansion Card to TD-20 using TDW-20

    Has anyone added an expansion card to their TD 20? My update went very easy. But from watching all the information on the TD 20X It show you have 50 Presets U1-U50 and 50 User location called U!-U50. When I did the expansion I don't have that. I have 50 slots with the Presets from the 20X and 49 Presets...
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  • Roland TD-30, TD-20 Modules Voltage/Frequency support?

    Very important for touring. User manual isn't clear.

    In particular from the owners manual, the following excerpts:

    There is a long list of comma separated voltage specs. But the way it is written kind of implies multiple models
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  • guido
    started a topic MIDI wiring

    MIDI wiring

    So here goes: I'm a MIDI virgin but have decided to go down this route.
    So far the sounds of my TD-20 were enough but I've decided to try BFD, mainly I'm not happy with the cymbal sounds of the TD-20.
    So I'm now kitted out with BFD3 on a MacBook Pro, my TD-20 and an M-Audio Fast Track Pro....
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  • Splitting inputs and adding piezos for custom TD-20

    Hi everyone. For the past year or so I've modified my v-drum set extensively. This forum has been an outstanding source of information and I thought I'd try to give something back and summarize the modifications I made.

    First, my current set, which I now feel is "ready". TD-20...
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  • thedrumdoctor
    started a topic Problems with VH-11 & TD-20

    Problems with VH-11 & TD-20

    I've searched this forum for 'VH' & 'VH 11' and I get no results back, so sorry if this has been covered in the past.

    I've got a TD-20 module and a VH-11 Hi-Hat unit and no matter what I've tried in parameters, I cannot get it to get a decent 1/2 open sound or get a satisfactory "psst...
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  • Welcome Two Members! NMCD Wrap Finishes.

    NM Custom Drums is very excited to welcome two new customers to our NMCD VDrum Wrap Family. Brian Cotton of Cotati, California, and Gary Maisel of Georgetown, Texas!
    Brians TD-30KV Kit features our Natural Tiger Maple Toms, and a Zebra Glass Glitter Snare Drum. Gary’s TD-20KV features...
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  • Michael Render
    started a topic FS US TD-20 $500

    FS US TD-20 $500

    I came across a TD-20. I put in a new battery and CF card. It has a mounting plate. It does NOT have the expansion card.

    Before I put it on ebay, I was wondering if any of you cats want it. I paid $475 for it. $500 should cover parts and shipping.
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  • ebomb321
    started a topic td-20 no midi response

    td-20 no midi response

    Hi All,

    my first post on here, please excuse if this is the wrong forum.

    i have my td-20 about 5 years now. tonight i went to record a session and i noticed when i turned my td-20 the midi in light on my interface (RME UFX) was solid like it was receiving a constant midi signal....
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  • mswagerman
    started a topic TMC-6 via TD-20 and superior drummer

    TMC-6 via TD-20 and superior drummer

    Pffff, I've got the toys but more and more I get the feeling I lack the proper knowledge, let alone the talents

    But... Then there's!!!

    Anyone here who can advice me how to setup MIDI for the TMC-6 so I can use it with my TD-20 and Superior Drummer?

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  • mswagerman
    started a topic TD-20, TCM-6 and SPD-S MIDI setup

    TD-20, TCM-6 and SPD-S MIDI setup

    Good day my fellow vdrummers,

    Since a couple of months now, I'm a proud owner of an TCM-6 expanded TDW-20 kit. At the moment I'm using an SPD-S via phones-out (SPD-S) to mix-in (TD-20), but that's limiting me to hear the sounds of the SPD-S via the TD-20 (which is great, but still......
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  • rasoo
    started a topic FS: (AUS) Roland TD-20 Expanded module

    FS: (AUS) Roland TD-20 Expanded module

    Yep... gonna sell this module and get something else. I'll send it anywhere on the globe... just let me know where you are and I'll get a price.

    Priced to sell... just want out of the Roland rut and try something new. These are multi-region power supplies so will work anywhere in the world....
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  • timpa04
    started a topic TD-20 Updates through the years

    TD-20 Updates through the years

    Hi guys, I have a quick question for you TD-20 nuts out there. I've been looking
    at every kit available, and my conclusion is that the TD-20 would be the only one to satisfy my needs. The question is, since I can't afford a new kit, what updates have been done since the earlier models?
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