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  • Relative lifetime of roland TD module / brain vs. mesh pads

    The amplification circuit in my TD-12 module is failing, the module is now 11 years old so I'm guessing not worth repairing (I already had the LCD screen replaced a couple of years ago). I have the choice of buying a new compatible sound module / brain or replacing the whole kit. It only sees light...
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  • Bugaboo
    started a topic Upgrading from TD-7

    Upgrading from TD-7

    I have a TD-7 kit and module and want to upgrade to get more kits and sounds. Would a TD12 or TD-17 module work with my TD-7 audio jack trigger inputs?
    Thanks for your advice.
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  • Roland Td-12 Bass drum missing notes when hittng anything else

    Xtalk and trigger settings doesn't fix this.
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  • Advice on Roland Module Upgrade for use with VST Software

    I have a Roland TD-3 at home for a practice kit that's pretty much stock with PD-8 pads including an additional CY-8 crash and a CY-5 for a hi-hat. Currently, I run the TD-3 through a Focusrite Scarlett Solo into a MacBook Pro so that I can play along to iTunes with headphones when Im learning new...
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  • JQ85
    started a topic VH12 versus ???

    VH12 versus ???

    Hi All,

    So a bit of background. I have a Roland td 12 using a VH12 as my hi hat. I run Steven Slate through midi. Im not overwhelmed with the performance of the hi hat. I find it can be sluggish,very noisy and not realistic feeling at all. The vh12s were bought second hand so maybe that's...
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  • giorgio
    started a topic Roland TD-12: VH-11 trigs snare

    Roland TD-12: VH-11 trigs snare

    Hi guys,

    I need your help! I decided to set-up again my Roland TD-12 after some years of inactivty but I'm encountering a problem with the hi hat VH-11.

    When I press the pedal i have no problems but when I release it i can ear the sound of the snare, sometimes it is reproduced...
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  • Searching Software import samples and play in E-drum via MIDI

    Hi everyone, I wanna purchase some samples pack for my electronic drum set but I have a problem : I'm searching a software where i can import these samples, with all the velocitys and hit per velocity, and where I can play them with my E drum (td 12 kv) with a midi Cable, to play in live with these...
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  • JQ85
    started a topic Roland Td 12 some buttons issue

    Roland Td 12 some buttons issue

    Hi All,

    I bought a Td 12 last year and its been working fine except I noticed last week some of the buttons no longer work. The affected 3 buttons are in the same section of the module Ambience, Inst and I can't remember the third one. Basically it means I can't edit instruments.
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  • redtide
    started a topic Custom DIY TD12 VDrum set

    Custom DIY TD12 VDrum set

    after a 6 years break I started again to play drums, this time with a VDrum since I can't make too much noise at home.
    I bought an used Roland TD12 and converting a brand new Darestone drum to VDrum (bought for about 200), and it's fun, I think I'll try to build also some E-Cayon...
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  • romoloX A2E from cowbell to cymbals (module TD-12)

    My kit all DIY including mesh heads and cymbals.

    Brain Roland TD 12
    4 toms + kick 1 ply mesh head DIY
    snare 2 zones 2 ply mesh head DIY
    Hihat FSR DIY
    Crash 1 zone + choke DIY (piezo/switch)
    Crash 2 zone DIY (piezo/switch)
    Ride 3 zone + choke DIY (piezo/switch/switch)...
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  • Gosalem
    started a topic Hello from Paris, FRANCE

    Hello from Paris, FRANCE

    Hi there,

    I just dived recently into the edrumming world and it looks like a good time to do so for an acoustic drummer like me. I live in an appartment and I recently invested in a jazette drum kit:
    Gretsch Catalina Club: 16" bass drum, 8" &10" tom toms, a 13"...
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  • dalcini
    started a topic Seeking help with TD-12

    Seeking help with TD-12

    Hi all, new here. I have a TD-12 which I'm triggering with a new-old-stock Hart Dynamics Pro 6.4 kit. I purchased the triggers new about 10 years ago, played them maybe ten times, and then put them into storage. I recently set it all back up and am experiencing an issue where the cymbals fail to trigger...
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  • RobertH
    started a topic TD 12 display problem

    TD 12 display problem

    Sometimes the contents on the display disappear (slowly fade away, but the green light on the background stays on) and then they reappear. Sometimes it helps if I tap on the module a bit. When this problem occurs the module can also produce a constant humming sound, but not always.

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  • Roland TD-12 and EZdrummer 2 accent problem

    Hi, I recently bought DrumTec diabolo/pro-series kit and found this forum. I'm fairly new in e-drums topics although I have used years different kind of modules for triggering.

    I want to use VST and downloaded EZdrummer 2 demo to find out is it enough for me or should I got with the Superior...
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  • Johnny Kai
    started a topic TD-12 Pitch Change Options

    TD-12 Pitch Change Options

    Is it possible to change the pitch of the individual instruments like the toms and snare?
    Is there a built in option on the TD-12 to change the sound of the RIM independently without a computer?
    You can edit the shell type, skin type, but I can't seem to find a way to change the pitch of...
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