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  • Upgrading TD-10 Pro Kit - Direction Needed: TD-20X or TD-30 Modules

    Hello friends,
    I have a TD-10 (with TDW-1 expansion) and I'd like to upgrade the module to get better quality sounds and enhanced playability.
    I'm considering TD-20X and TD-30.
    The TD-20X is much cheaper on eBay than the TD-30.
    Do you think the TD-30 worth the extra money?...
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  • NotASpeckOf
    started a topic V-drums and hi-hats over MIDI

    V-drums and hi-hats over MIDI

    Hi all,

    V-Drums pro TD-10 (but just for MIDI, I'm not using the brains sounds)
    Sonar Platinum
    Addictive Drums (but probably others later)

    Question: I've done the drum mapping and mostly have the instruments like I want them, but the hi-hat functionality is funky....
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  • NotASpeckOf
    started a topic Seattle guitar player with vdrums

    Seattle guitar player with vdrums


    I'm SO glad I found this forum because googlegroups and yahoogroups are like graveyards these days.

    I have a lot of guitars, amps. pedals, V-Drums Pro TD-10, synths, Cakwalk Sonar Platinum DAW, UA Apollo Dual interface, synths and various other sundries.

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  • dpat08
    started a topic Td-10 and S2.3

    Td-10 and S2.3

    Hi everyone,

    First time post. I'm new to the whole e-drum thing, and I'm having trouble getting an older TD-10 to trigger sounds from S2.3.

    Here's my gear.

    TD-10 (non-expanded) module
    Audiofire 2 Sound Card (I have a midi cable running from the TD-10...
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  • Odisey
    started a topic TD-10 volume lowering after warm up

    TD-10 volume lowering after warm up

    One of my TD-10s started acting up recently. When I turn it on triggers are loud when activated. After playing a while the volume on this brain significantly drops. I have 2 TD-10s running into a CD2400. The other TD-10 works perfect and the volume remains level. I have to stop and re-adjust baseline...
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  • (Newbie) Roland TD-10 Any Resources to set a kit to sound like Bonham, others?

    Hi All,

    I am looking for any resources that can tell me which snare, tom, cymbal, etc would be the closest to various famous drummers like Peart, Copeland, etc.

    I am fine will setting it up manually - just looking to find a way to program a kit of triggers and elements...
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  • PwrHsePro
    started a topic Software Sequencer controlled TD-10

    Software Sequencer controlled TD-10

    I hope I can get some help here... Roland has not been very helpful...

    Please don't hurt me... I have a 5 piece band and we use a software based sequencer to play the drum parts... the sequencer has separtate tracks for each drum... track 1 is kick, 2 is snare and so forth..
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  • fabbioz
    started a topic TD10 crackling sound problem

    TD10 crackling sound problem

    Hi guys
    I recently bought a vdrum and a td10 as a brain, it all worked for two or three weeks, but then all of a sudden the sound started to crack. It seemed to me like a saturation of some sort, I reset everything I could, lost my sounds, switched off the eq, comp and effects, unplugged the...
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    started a topic Splitting a TD-10 Module

    Splitting a TD-10 Module

    Can I use a splitter in an input on my TD-10 to get more than 12 pads on my set?
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  • dolivier
    started a topic Best TD-10 Snare Settings

    Best TD-10 Snare Settings

    I have never been able to get the snare right. I have real classical and jazz/jazz rock technique and the snare misses a lot of the nuances. Can anybody tell me how to get the snare to play like the real thing. Thanks.
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  • qdeezy
    started a topic Roland td-8 or td-10 without expansion?

    Roland td-8 or td-10 without expansion?

    I recently had the opportunity to buy a fairly inexpensive td-8 module. Shortly after I found a td-10 module for 30 dollars more. I assumed the 10 was a step up in quality so I decided to return the td-8. Now I'm seeing info about the tdw-1 and noticing that my td-10 doesn't have it. Did I make a...
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  • facher
    started a topic TD-10 and midi controller (axiom 25)

    TD-10 and midi controller (axiom 25)

    Couple videos I posted that are the culmination of lots of experimenting and reading and watching, etc. Thanks to everyone here who posts info for the rest of us neophytes...your knowledge and suggestions are invaluable.
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  • WedgeVLP
    started a topic Just gotta gush for a few...

    Just gotta gush for a few...

    I've been lurking around these forums for close to a year now, and I've been an avid drummer for over 25 years, but I want to say thank you to everyone here: You've given me a lot of valuable insight, tips and tricks, and it gave me the confidence to get back out there and "play out" again....
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  • awbrooke824
    started a topic TD-10 master volume has stopped working

    TD-10 master volume has stopped working

    The other night, I'm playing my Roland kit using a TD-10 non-expanded module when suddenly everything goes silent. After shutting it down and trying to initialize it, the master volume outputs no longer work.

    All the pads have been moved to the Direct 1 output, but I can't seem to get...
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  • Im having trouble with my td10 and

    I just purchased a used roland unexpanded td10 kit with 2 cy12s and 1 cy15r. im having a few problems understanding this new equipment though, so perhaps a td10 owner can help me. For one, im having trouble equalizing the volume of the cymbals....crash 1 is always louder than crash 2. also, I know...
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