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  • TD 20 digital-output low volume level

    I just bought my used TD-20 kit today. The first thing I plugged it into were my digital monitors with the TD 20's digital output. I got almost no-volume even with the monitor's volume on max.

    When I run the digital output to my recorder (Boss BR-1600) it's a little better but not much....
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  • Importing TD6 and/or TD20 kits into a TD10 Module with vdrumlib

    I'm new to the forum and have just read about vdrumlib. I just bought a used TD10 set for a church to use in their contemporary service, replacing a set of TD6 drums. Also, I personally bought a set TD20SX last year. There are a couple of sets on the TD6 drums that are pretty decent and the TD20 set...
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  • Headphones = drums and ipod : Monitor only plays drum audio

    Hello - I am new here, and I tried searching for this, so I hope I am not duplicating a thread.
    I just bought a used TD-20 with a KC-550 amp. When seller demo'd it for me I plugged my iphone into the Mix In input and played along with a song hearing both the music and my drumming. When I got...
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  • I'm new. Hello people, fellow drummers, and E-drummers


    I picked up a set of TD-20's this week. I just started to get into using the brain. It is an older version of the TD 20 . It has 50 preset drum kits. KD 125 bass, 2 @ 10 Inch , 2 @ 12" . 2 - crash , hi-hat v-12, Ride.. Also a PM-3 with 2 small satellite speakers. I have a PA...
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  • TD-20 Updates through the years

    Hi guys, I have a quick question for you TD-20 nuts out there. I've been looking
    at every kit available, and my conclusion is that the TD-20 would be the only one to satisfy my needs. The question is, since I can't afford a new kit, what updates have been done since the earlier models?
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  • Precizionist
    started a topic Helloooo....


    Hello guys.. Just wanted to go ahead and make myself an official member of this forum by introducing myself..

    My name is Jez and I was originally from the Philippines but we moved here to the US about 4 months ago. We never really had much edrum exposure back in the Phil, but when I...
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