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  • Toniodrums
    started a topic Sound card advice?

    Sound card advice?

    Hi everyone,

    Since i only found kinda old related topics about audio interfaces, i decided to create a new one to get up-to-date infos.

    Sorry if i'm unclear, english is far from being my native language, i'm doing my best.

    I just bought a TD20 (1.0) with...
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  • DHF
    started a topic SD3 MAC Installation

    SD3 MAC Installation

    Hi. I've Superior Drummer 3 Core Sound Library in my MAC. I've also installed SD2 and EZ2. What do i need to run SD3? I don`t know what files in addition i need....... Thanks!!
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  • Using Roland FD-7 Hi Hat trigger - Sampling Multi Pad with Superior Drummer

    Hello V-Drum folks.

    Havenít posted in a while.
    Long post alert.

    I am a drummer who is working on recording some tracks Iím composing and arranging. Plenty of acoustic experience and I work professionally on drums and percussion.

    I am now trying to get...
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  • Roland TD-12 and EZdrummer 2 accent problem

    Hi, I recently bought DrumTec diabolo/pro-series kit and found this forum. I'm fairly new in e-drums topics although I have used years different kind of modules for triggering.

    I want to use VST and downloaded EZdrummer 2 demo to find out is it enough for me or should I got with the Superior...
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  • New music video from Sacre Noir featuring V-Drums!

    Hey folks, my band Sacre Noir have just released our 2nd music video, which features my good self perfoming on my TD-4 kit. The track was recorded using the TD-4 to trigger Superior Drummer with a few extra samples mixed in there. Would be great if you could check it out and comment / share if you dig...
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  • mswagerman
    started a topic TMC-6 via TD-20 and superior drummer

    TMC-6 via TD-20 and superior drummer

    Pffff, I've got the toys but more and more I get the feeling I lack the proper knowledge, let alone the talents

    But... Then there's!!!

    Anyone here who can advice me how to setup MIDI for the TMC-6 so I can use it with my TD-20 and Superior Drummer?

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  • mswagerman
    started a topic TD-20, TCM-6 and SPD-S MIDI setup

    TD-20, TCM-6 and SPD-S MIDI setup

    Good day my fellow vdrummers,

    Since a couple of months now, I'm a proud owner of an TCM-6 expanded TDW-20 kit. At the moment I'm using an SPD-S via phones-out (SPD-S) to mix-in (TD-20), but that's limiting me to hear the sounds of the SPD-S via the TD-20 (which is great, but still......
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  • JAMMAN1701
    started a topic New to Edrum recording Please help!

    New to Edrum recording Please help!

    Hey guys!

    Like the title says I'm new to recording with edrums. I recently bought Superior Drummer 2.0 and I have it installed and working fine. I also have my edrum kit connected to my audio interface with a midi cable and I am able to trigger Superior drummer no problem. I can also...
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  • Sacre Noir "She Can't Take It" - music video - behind the scenes

    Hi Folks, my band Sacre Noir recently made our music video using my TD-4 and Pearl Acoustic Kit (the single was also recorded using the TD-4 to Superior Drummer) we've now got a wee behind the scenes / making of type video for you to enjoy - check it out...

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  • Sinking Into Darkness - new album from Sacre Noir recorded on TD4 / Superior Drummer

    Hi Folks, my group Sacre Noir released our 2nd LP on Monday entitled 'Sinking Into Darkness.' All the drums on this release were recorded using my TD-4 set triggering Superior Drummer, with some extra drum samples here and there. The loops were all programmed in Battery 3 / Ultrabeat (Logic). I also...
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  • lgorazd
    started a topic TD-4 expanding and connecting to PC HELP!

    TD-4 expanding and connecting to PC HELP!

    Hi everyone,

    you guys helped me alot in the past, i hope you can do so again.

    I'm thinking of buying this TD-4KX2 -V-Drum Compact Set and i have read tons of posts on the web but non is straigthforwardly answering my questions. SO PLESE if anyone CAN HELP me, PLEASE do...
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  • juanjob
    started a topic Metallica - Battery - Drum Cover

    Metallica - Battery - Drum Cover

    Hello everyone.. today i bought the MAPEX P500TW DOUBLE PEDAL, tomorrow i'll have it in my hands so this is the last time i play with the hihat control pedal configured as a kick (very uncomfortable).

    Anyone has this double pedal? any opinions?

    I recorded this cover a few...
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  • Drum cover of a Sara Bareilles tune, "Many the Miles", using S2.0 C&V SDX via TD-12

    Such a fun song to groove along to. To me, the Custom & Vintage SDX fits this style of music perfectly. Drier, more mellow drums that sit well in the mix.

    Check it out & I'd love any feedback you have...

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  • mpunjani
    started a topic Cheapest module for use with SD2 or SSD4

    Cheapest module for use with SD2 or SSD4

    vdrums members,

    So this is my first post and an issue i can't find anywhere else.. i really hope someone can help before i make my decision!

    So over the next 2 weeks i'll be purchasing an e kit, to be solely used in the studio with Superior Drummer 2 or the new Steven Slate...
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  • Use Superior drummer in combination with normal signal from TD module

    Hello everyone!

    Don't know if this question has been answered in another thread so here it is :P

    Q: I am recording drums in Logic 9 (and Garageband sometimes) by just plugging my TD module into my audio interface via tele cables. I get a nice result and I'm happy Though,...
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