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  • Using Roland FD-7 Hi Hat trigger - Sampling Multi Pad with Superior Drummer

    Hello V-Drum folks.

    Havenít posted in a while.
    Long post alert.

    I am a drummer who is working on recording some tracks Iím composing and arranging. Plenty of acoustic experience and I work professionally on drums and percussion.

    I am now trying to get...
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  • mbruzzese
    started a topic SPD-S External Triggers Issue

    SPD-S External Triggers Issue

    Hey all, I'm a first time poster but long time reader. Usually I've managed to find the answers to any V-Drum related queries in these forums, but I'm quite stumped on a particular issue that I'm having with my SPD-S. Although I've had a solid look through the forums and couldn't find the answer, I...
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  • mswagerman
    started a topic TD-20, TCM-6 and SPD-S MIDI setup

    TD-20, TCM-6 and SPD-S MIDI setup

    Good day my fellow vdrummers,

    Since a couple of months now, I'm a proud owner of an TCM-6 expanded TDW-20 kit. At the moment I'm using an SPD-S via phones-out (SPD-S) to mix-in (TD-20), but that's limiting me to hear the sounds of the SPD-S via the TD-20 (which is great, but still......
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  • ssalern2
    started a topic SPD-S lost patches but sounds remain

    SPD-S lost patches but sounds remain

    New to the group, and had a major issue tonight with my SPDS. It seems the unit lost all the patches, both factory presets and my own customized patches with samples. When I got home from my gig, I found that all the sounds are still in the machine and on the memory card. However ALL the patches have...
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  • MbaDrew
    started a topic SPD-S Workaround?

    SPD-S Workaround?

    Greetings all! I'm new to this forum and have been doing some looking around about an issue I'm having w/my SPD-S.

    I use this in a "power trio" setting where my SPD-S is the "fourth" member (synth, rhythm guitar, efx's, etc. in addition to percussion hits) and have...
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  • bseencsu
    started a topic Gigging with my SPD-s

    Gigging with my SPD-s

    Just wanted to share a recent experience...

    For some time now, I have used an SPD-s with my V-Drums for auxiliary sounds and extra trigger inputs. It has worked well in that capacity for numerous gigs.

    A while back, I started using the SPD-s as a practice kit at home....
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  • joelandolfi
    started a topic SPD-S pad problems

    SPD-S pad problems

    I love my little SPD-S and have grand hopes for a wonderful musical future together but I'm not sure if the little guy is ill or not (or maybe his owner is. Who knows?)

    Regardless of what samples/sounds I've assigned to a patch (mine or factory), pad #7 (bottom left) has just recently...
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  • joelandolfi
    started a topic New TD4S and SPD-S Freak

    New TD4S and SPD-S Freak

    I still shake my head that I've come to "The Dark Side" and am using percussion instruments with {gasp} CORDS AND AMPS!! I'm hooked though. Hoping you all can help me with some SDP-S issues. Even machines have issues, man
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  • Velocity layering on SPD-S (srry if its been covered)

    Hi all, sorry if this has been discussed, but is there a way to create velocity layers for each pad with the samples I load in?
    If not, then kindly lie to me and make something up.
    It seems as though the factory snare has two velocities.
    Can I at least do that?
    Again, if...
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  • Using Yamaha EP-1 with SPD-S - polarity issues and mono RCA issues

    Hi everyone,

    Here are some posers for you. I'm trying to use a Yamaha EP-1 with my SPD-S. Now I understand you have to switch the polarity if you are using a Yamaha expression pedal with Roland gear. I'm not confident with the soldering iron yet but I did happen to have two Y jack...
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  • ClaudiuS
    started a topic SPD-S update to version 1.20

    SPD-S update to version 1.20

    Hello I've made the update from version 1.01 to version 1.20 with SMF procedure using Cubase 5 everything went OK during the update procedure but now when I check the version of the firmware i see black rectangles on PRG and BLD and also on PRG DATE and PRG TIME and i see on the next page PRE 1.17 BLD012....
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  • Adding triggers to an already-full TD-10. Ideas?

    Alright – here's the deal: I'm playing the drum AND percussion books for a local performance of The Full Monty starting in a few weeks, and I'll be using my TD-10/TDW-1 kit that is currently full – and I'm looking for ideas to work around a few things that I still want to accomplish. Here's...
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  • Trouble importing Steven Slate Samples into SPD-S - Unsupported .wav

    Hi everyone,

    First off, please allow me to say a huge thank you to all on this board that are so helpful. This is my first time posting but I have 'silently' received enormous amounts of help here, for which I am truly grateful, as I'm a complete beginner in this "e" world....
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  • bseencsu
    started a topic New Pics of My Kit with A2E (sorta)

    New Pics of My Kit with A2E (sorta)

    Howdy friends!

    Just thought I'd post some pics of my kit since I finished converting an old Pearl bass. I think it turned out OK. Let me know what you think! ...
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  • yetisalmon
    started a topic Using Roland SPD-S with Ableton Live, help!

    Using Roland SPD-S with Ableton Live, help!

    Hello all,
    I am relatively new to Ableton Live and having been gathering research on using my SPD-S with Live. I'm using just a basic Midi to USB interface but am just confused on how properly use Live with the SPD-S. Like, for all the drum kit instruments, only 5 (out of 9) of the triggers will...
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