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  • RickDrumstick
    started a topic CY15R with TD17kvx

    CY15R with TD17kvx

    I got a little problem. Since I got my td17 I used my cy15r (from my precious kit) as the ride cymbal. I changed the settings in the menu (to cy15r) but now when I hit the rim somewhat harder I trigger the bell sound.. so the bell is too sensitive? I know there is a problem with the bell being not sensitive...
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  • TD3: Simulaaneous bass and hihat trigger snare rim shot

    Older set, just started playing again. Found out I had issues with the hi hat pedal actuator, boil the actuator once in awhile so it seems to help. However, just last night I noticed that if I hit the hihat and bass at the same time it generates what sounds like a snare rim shot. It's really annoying,...
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  • Problem with HH pedal on TD-11KV

    Hey guys, i've just recently got my TD-11KV kit and when I choose the 'Thrash Metal' kit it turns the HH pedal into a kick pedal which is totally fine, I get that it's meant to do that. But it also turns the Hi-Hat pad into a kick sound when I strike it rather than a hat sound?
    Things i've tried:...
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  • KD-120 registering multiple hits?

    Hey all,

    I looked around for some advice on this but couldn't find anything... I run a few external pads out of my Roland Octapad, including a KD-120 kick pad. I tend to play the kick with my heel floating, so I'm typically keeping the beater pressed firmly against the head while playing,...
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  • axeel1993
    started a topic DIY drum triggering problem
    in DIY

    DIY drum triggering problem

    Hi, I'm just newbie, and can't speak english really well, so apologise it for me.

    I just built my diy edrum, like the same concept as this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64K_X5xz9n0

    I'm using Alesis trigger IO.

    My problem is that when I hit my drums, I'm getting...
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  • Sound Cutting In and Out on Cymbals?

    I'm having a problem with the sound cutting in and out on my cymbals. It was just the hihat at first, but now it happens on the ride too. It seems like when I unplug the cable and plug it back it that fixes it temporarily, but it comes back eventually. I don't think it's consistent with any certain...
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  • joshspoon
    started a topic PD-105 is it broken

    PD-105 is it broken

    So I moved recently and put my v-drums in a suitcase. I thought the bottom were protected by plastic. Which my "toms" are but found out today that the bottom of my PD-105 is not that thick and has a dent in it. To make things worst. when I plugged it in it was getting rim shot...
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    Last edited by joshspoon; 11-16-12, 11:33 PM.

  • Extra notes when transferring quick-records via midi to USB

    Hi everyone, this is my first post but I have been watching these forums for a couple of years now.

    I've spent the last couple of days trying to find the answers here, there and everywhere but I'm stumped.

    I'm trying to transfer saved 'quick record' performances from my...
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  • crickbutcher
    started a topic TD-9 Problems

    TD-9 Problems

    Hey, has anyone had any problems with their TD-9? I bought the kit a couple months ago and I've already had to replace the hi-hat trigger twice, and the bass drum is completely shot. I pulled the 2nd rack tom off and made that the hi-hat and rigged an acoustic bass drum on to the kit for the time being....
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  • fabbioz
    started a topic TD10 crackling sound problem

    TD10 crackling sound problem

    Hi guys
    I recently bought a vdrum and a td10 as a brain, it all worked for two or three weeks, but then all of a sudden the sound started to crack. It seemed to me like a saturation of some sort, I reset everything I could, lost my sounds, switched off the eq, comp and effects, unplugged the...
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  • RobertGayo
    started a topic Issue With KD-85 sensitivity

    Issue With KD-85 sensitivity

    Ok so I just setup my brand new TD12 kit but I am having a problem with the sensitivity on the KD85 kick pad. When I kick the pad with my heal down I have to hit pretty hard to trigger the sound and this seems odd to me. I have had a TD12 Stage kit before and this was never an issue.

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  • numbdrum
    started a topic Cy5/TD9 triggering question

    Cy5/TD9 triggering question

    Hello! As the Subject line implies I'm having an issue with my Cy5 which is connected to a TD9. The problem is that intermittently when I hit the Cy5 edge, it seems to also trigger the head and I get what sounds like a garbled double hit. When I experiment with hitting the cy5's edge I can tell the...
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  • Alesis Trigger io midi note issues

    I just got my Alesis Trigger IO and hooked up my Roland V-Club drum set just the way it shows in the manual. The problem is that tom's 5 & 6 trigger the same drum sound. I have tried to edit the trig midi note # for each of the pads but as soon as one value is saved the other trigger pad uses the...
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  • neu01
    started a topic Not turning on

    Not turning on

    I have plugged in everything

    When I try to turn it on ,the module keeps flashing on and off

    Can someone please help me solve this soon.
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  • Carpeteria
    started a topic TD-8 Mix In issue

    TD-8 Mix In issue

    Hi everyone

    Apologies if this has ever been covered previously; I didn't get much assistance from the thread search function here.

    I've got a TD-8 that's about ten years old or so. I use it often with an iPod to play along with music, practice, etc., using the Mix In Stereo...
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