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  • iPim
    started a topic GAS on my td9-kx

    GAS on my td9-kx

    So I've got majormajormajor GAS issues right now, I have a TD9-kx set, but I want to expand it to the fullest (which is only two additions).

    I want an extra cymbal and an extra tom. The cymbal choice is easy, it's gonna be a CY-8, since they don't sell Yamaha's here and since I do not...
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  • iPim
    started a topic Adding CY8 or PD85?

    Adding CY8 or PD85?

    Hi Guys!

    I have a td-9kx and I bought my double base pedals yesterday, and tickets for With Full Force festival in Germany. I have 195 euro's to spend and I got a couple of questions.

    I want a third cymbal on my kit, will be using it as a china, another CY8 (as I don't...
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  • tsdrumr2386
    started a topic PD105 with TD-8

    PD105 with TD-8

    Sorry if this has been answered, but I couldn't find it anywhere

    I have a V-Custom set with TD-8 module I was wondering if anyone here has had luck using a PD105 for the snare. I asked Roland if there were any settings I needed to adjust, or what pad type to set it as and they just said...
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