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  • Cazdal
    started a topic Instantly looping instruments

    Instantly looping instruments

    I can't find any answer that satisfy me so here we go.
    This is what I want to do :
    I know how to make loops with the td20 sound module but here, I want to use the DFH instruments on a computer while playing my vdrum (td20) and being able to loop instantly the part I just played......
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  • TD-20S new user... want to load midi.

    I have the td-20S drums, and want to use it live to triggers loops by hitting pads. I was told I could load sounds into the module through an SD card, but am unsure exactly how to do this, and then how to trigger it through a drum pad.

    I have a mac, and make my loops in garageband. The...
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  • TD-12 Custom Kits and Loops -NEWBIE

    Hello, first of all I'm a newbie to the v-drums, and not a drummer. I'm tech saavy and a keyboard player. I'm a music minister in the church and my drummer is NOT tech saavy. We want to create a simple loop for a particular song. It will be probably 2 bars of 4 4. He wants to record it with one...
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  • Ziggy123
    started a topic SPD-S Question: Please help!

    SPD-S Question: Please help!

    Hi! I just bought a Roland SPS-S to use with my band mainly to launch samples and loops (pad sounds, drones, keyboard chords etc. )
    Here's my problem:
    When using a loop (for instance a long chord) I want it to stop playing once another pad has been triggered, (with a different chord)....
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  • How do you Loop custom wav's on a SPD-S?

    I have a couple waves that I would like to keep looping until i trigger them to stop, kinda like some of the built in loops... is this possible? if so where is the option to set this?
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