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  • Help with TD4KP cymbals and GarageBand on iPad


    ​​​​Looking for tips getting edge and bell cymbal zones to trigger on GarageBand, I am new to this only getting the bow zone triggering in cymbals.

    I'm using Roland TD4 kp module connected via Roland UM-ONE mk2 USB MIDI Interface to iPad Air...
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  • dheawood
    started a topic GarageBand isnít recording my Ride properly

    GarageBand isnít recording my Ride properly

    I recently hooked up my Alesis DM10 to GarageBand using a MIDI to USB cable to record my playing and have got it all working apart from the ride. It picks it up when I tap the ride gently but when I hit it hard it just records the same sound as it does when I hit it soft. Anyone know what this could...
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  • No hi-hat signal using TK15-->UM-one mk2 midi-->Macpro-->Garageband

    Hi all, (should be TD-15kv in the subject.. typo prone editor here!)

    I just bought a TD-15kv and a Roland UM-one mk2 midi interface to record some tracks into garageband on my Macbook pro. Everything worked like a charm except the hi-hat (edge and pedal). When I hit the hi-hat a signal...
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  • kenchicle
    started a topic Garage Band

    Garage Band

    Hey, so I'm just trying to get the most out of my kit (TD11 KV) and wondering how best to use it with garage band.

    I have recorded stuff before but when i play the track on my laptop there is no highhat.

    And i just put a recording on garageband but it seemed to think it...
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  • Problem with .MID imported in garageband | TD 11 KV


    I used the quick record function on my td 11 KV, imported the .MID file into garageband where i'm running addictive drums.

    Now, all hits are misplaced. Hi-hats are playing instead of a kick, kick in place of a snare hit etc etc.

    how do I map it prop...
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  • rwd
    started a topic Best way to record a td-12 on garageband?

    Best way to record a td-12 on garageband?

    Hey, first time posting on this but i've been struggling with this problem for a while.

    I want to be able to record a drum track and put it over a backing track, is there any way you can get a td-12 to record each tom, cymbal etc. Separately so i can edit them individually or do i just...
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  • Real noob questions re: new TD-11KV (samples loading, etc.)

    First off, I'm really happy to have been able to find this forum. I've been perusing for a few hours since I purchased my Roland TD-11KV set and have learned a whole lot. I have a couple of quick questions that I was hoping someone might be able to help me out with. Questions underlined:
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  • Need help with low input signal to Garageband with my TD-15

    I have a TD-15 connected to my MacBook (white Intel CoreDuo 1.83 GHz) running Garageband 3. I can't get the input strength to register above about 30-40% of full on the meters in the track window. It's not pad sensitivity (full strength showing on the TD-15 screen) I tried different kits,...
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  • witless_banter
    started a topic Garageband issues

    Garageband issues

    Hi There,

    New to the forum. First post so hello!

    I'm new to recording. Since I'm only attempting to record rough ideas, Garageband suits my needs just fine.

    I was previously going in using the M-Audio USB-Midi cable which of course only allows me to use...
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  • donkeyshed
    started a topic Recording drums with iPad

    Recording drums with iPad

    Hi, I have had a very frustrating time attempting to connect and record a Roland TD4-KX2 drum kit to my iPad using a USB-midi cable (MConnect) and the camera connection kit, using Garageband as the recording software. I have read of other people achieving this, but it doesn't work for me.
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  • kreller123
    started a topic MIDI troubles with GarageBand and my TD-3

    MIDI troubles with GarageBand and my TD-3

    Hi all, I just got out of the local drum-shop with a midi to USB cable so that I can connect my TD-3 with GarageBand and play my butt off. It works so-so plug and play but I have two problems: 1) When I hit the edge of the hihat - which is the normal way to play it I guess - there is no sound in ...
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  • dot58
    started a topic Problems triggering MIDI drums via GarageBand

    Problems triggering MIDI drums via GarageBand

    I am new to recording, and I am trying to record drum tracks on Garage Band via MIDI using a Yoki DD908 kit as the MIDI trigger.
    I have 3 questions:
    1)When I hook it up via MIDI in GarageBand, I can select the various kits and that function works, BUT...I get horrible crosstalk; so bad,...
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  • thebarak
    started a topic How much RAM do I need?

    How much RAM do I need?

    My iMAC is almost three years old and has 2GB of RAM.

    If I play my MIDI DrumKAT through EZDRummer in Toontrack Solo, it's amazing.

    But if I play through EZDrummer inside Garageband, the sounds cut off and it's generally a sound disaster.

    I'm guessing it's...
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  • Seb-opp
    started a topic HD-1 midi connection problems

    HD-1 midi connection problems

    Hi everyone!
    I have a question to do with the Roland HD-1 and MIDI:

    I recently got EZdrummer, a £10 Logilink MIDI to USB adaptor and hoped Id be able to use my HD-1 to trigger EZdrummer through Garageband on my macbook and to record my performances.

    I got it all...
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  • TheDov
    started a topic TD-4S, MIDI through GarageBand or Logic

    TD-4S, MIDI through GarageBand or Logic

    I've connected my TD-4S through my Mbox 2's MIDI to my Mac Pro (running Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6), via USB. Everything is great, except for one (major) thing: my hi-hat's edge sensor doesn't play at all. It seems to register in GarageBand as D0 (see the screenshot below, maybe I'm reading it wrong),...
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