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  • danjcla
    started a topic Poron foam as a direct hand percussion surface?
    in DIY

    Poron foam as a direct hand percussion surface?

    I'm leaning towards doing hand percussion - sticks just feel super-awkward to me - but the Yamaha DD-55 pads are super-unforgiving, basically just like hitting plastic.

    I'm thinking of attaching Poron foam circles on top of the pads, but I know this isn't the way Poron is usually used....
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  • haluksarisel
    started a topic Cone Material and Stiffness
    in DIY

    Cone Material and Stiffness


    I've just started the my new A2E project, and almost read all of the forum topics having related with your DIY stuff, and I'm really thankful for sharing your great ideas with us; however I have some questions which I believe you would solve this:
    1. As far as I read, most of forum members
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  • Dual zone, cake pan, reflection plate experimentation

    I'm new to DIY eDrums, so I've been lurking here and over at dmdrummer.com gleaning ideas from all the genius that permeates these forums. I thought I would start a thread to detail my "experimental phase" as I try to find the magic combination for my eDrum build. My goal is to build a set...
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  • KennyinDundee
    started a topic My DIY Cowbell
    in DIY

    My DIY Cowbell

    I'm nearly finished my DIY cowbell. I really wanted a cowbell shaped- electronic cowbell. I know you can get Hart Hammers and other tube triggers but I wanted my cowbell to look like a cowbell. As I have built my own drums, I wanted it to look good as well as perform well. However, the whole build was...
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  • KennyinDundee
    started a topic DIY cowbell foam
    in DIY

    DIY cowbell foam

    Hi folks

    I'm tinkering with the idea of converting an acoustic cowbell to an electronic cowbell. I think I've got the electronics side of things understood and covered, but what foam or insulating material would I use to wrap over the cowbell to quiten the acoustic sound?

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  • What type of foam works best for cones or cylinders?

    What foam does everyone use for there cones or cylinders for there triggers also are cones better than cylinders? I'm using a DM5 module and if I remember right I'm using 41mm piezos for my snare and toms. what do you guys think? What works best?
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  • gnargnar
    started a topic Cones... as usual
    in DIY

    Cones... as usual

    hey all, I'm Devin and i think i'm officially starting a diy edrum kit, so hopefully you'll be seeing more of me. don't worry though, i search the forums for about half an hour before i make a new post

    so ok, i've read a bunch of posts on here about cones and cylinders and foams and...
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