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  • MS-SPO
    started a topic Automatic logout when editing?

    Automatic logout when editing?


    sometimes posting and editing a reply can take some time. Many times, when I finsish, the system tells me "you no longer are logged in as member MS-SPO, but as guest now".

    That's inconvenient, especially when the restore didn't get my latest changes.
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  • Editing TD-9 / CY-8 cymbal chokes with Reaper

    Hi all!

    I'm still in the process of getting started with MIDI-drumming in general and Reaper in particular. I've recorded a couple of things and now wanted to edit them a little bit (cherry-pick and reorder parts, fine-tune some f*%d-up notes and such). One of the first things I noticed...
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  • help with seperating single midi drum tracks into each drum tracks

    hey im new to logic and im wondering if you can record a midi drum track then split it up so that each drum sound (for exapke just the kick) has its own track with the midi from the original track on it??
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  • skate4lyph
    started a topic Question about Editing A Drum Video.

    Question about Editing A Drum Video.

    Hey guys, I wasn't really sure where this would fit, so I put it here. I'm starting to post drum covers on YouTube, and I see that almost everyone on there has a video on top of another video. The main video is them playing the drums, and then there is a smaller video in the upper right corner or something,...
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  • TD-20 sequencing question

    Hi guys, new member, even though I have been anonymously browsing for a few years. I have a TD-20 module and I have a question about it. Can you delete a specific drum within a recorded sequence without deleting the whole sequence? I can't seem to figure this out.

    Also, when recording...
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