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  • Help with TD4KP cymbals and GarageBand on iPad


    ​​​​Looking for tips getting edge and bell cymbal zones to trigger on GarageBand, I am new to this only getting the bow zone triggering in cymbals.

    I'm using Roland TD4 kp module connected via Roland UM-ONE mk2 USB MIDI Interface to iPad Air...
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  • moshelove
    started a topic Upgrading TD-11kv hi hat

    Upgrading TD-11kv hi hat

    I'm going to buy the TD-11kv kit. The only thing I'm not into is the hi-hat set up. It seems like this is the weakest link of the kit and the least realistic element to vdrums compared to an Acoustic kit.

    Can Anyone with knowledge confirm if the VH-11 hi hat is compatible as an upgrade?...
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  • Verrbatim
    started a topic CY-5 choking, head and rim swaps places.

    CY-5 choking, head and rim swaps places.


    I've got a Roland TD-9KX which I've had for about a year now.
    Recently my CY-5 hi-hat has been acting really weird.

    The hi-hat keeps choking by itself everytime I hit it, if I hold the hi-hat in a tight grip / "manually choke it" it won't choke...
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  • CY-5 dead zones for a TD-9SX kit (with FD-7 pedal)


    I own TD-9SX with a CY-5 high-hat, and FD-7 pedal high-hat controller. The head of the CY5 has developed dead zones and is triggering consistently.

    Any suggestions/input/insight/remedies/etc... please?

    Thank you!
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  • WTB: Cy-5, Pd-120 and Hardware, Canada

    hello all,

    i am new to and am really happy i found it! I recently purchased a stock TD-3 with all pd-8s which has been great, but now im starting to want to upgrade.

    So... I am looking for:

    a Cy-5 (with cymbal arm and hardware preferably)
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  • Cymbal swinging and head triggering (when edge was expected)

    Yesterday I got my first Yamaha PCY135 and I think with this one I can be considered a Yamaha convert, next cymbal I get will be a Yamaha.

    Anyway, I had to re-arrange my cymbals so I found the following:

    Yamaha includes a big felt ring, you are supposed...
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  • BMusic
    started a topic velocity problem with Roland cymbals

    velocity problem with Roland cymbals

    I'm kind of new at this...just past the "wow, playing drums is fun!" stage and moving into the "how can I make these sound as close as possible to acoustic drums" stage. (For what it's worth, I'm powering Toontrack Superior Drummer in Pro Tools LE with a TD-9 kit).

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  • hockeymason13
    started a topic CY-5 Help!

    CY-5 Help!

    I just bought a used Roland TD-4. The guy told me that the hi-hat (CY-5) wasn't very responsive. I found the same issue. I took it apart, and it still isn't responsive. I've adjusted threshold, xtalk, sensitivity, etc. nothing works! It is under warranty but I hear warranty stuff costs alot of money....
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  • Carlos Lindado
    started a topic Help with TD-3 module

    Help with TD-3 module

    Hi, I've got a Roland TD-3KW set (awesome sounds BTW). I'm trying to make a custom kit, but for some reason I'm not able to set separate hi-hat sounds for edge and bow (CY-5 hi-hat), when I strike the edge of the hi-hat the RIM indicator doesn't light up (it does light up on the other cymbals, though)....
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  • adamg89
    started a topic TD-3KW pd-8 Hi-Hat?

    TD-3KW pd-8 Hi-Hat?


    Just got myself a td-3kw yesterday and very happy with it. Basically just got it for some practice in the house as my acoustic as a bit loud for everyday use.

    Anyways, after a bit research it seems the hi hat cymbal for the td3 is meant to be a cy-5. However, I've...
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  • sciomako
    started a topic Trigger setting for CY-5 on TD-10 exp?

    Trigger setting for CY-5 on TD-10 exp?

    Hi folks,

    What trigger settings for CY-5 on TD-10 exp? It's not mentioned anywhere. Not on CY-5 manual, TD-10 manual (apparently the CY-5 came out after TD-10), Roland website and FAQ. Search engine gave no result.
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  • mb_qwerty
    started a topic WTB: Roland CY-5 and extra's (UK)

    WTB: Roland CY-5 and extra's (UK)

    I recently picked up a 2nd hand TD-3 kit but it has the old pd hi-hat. I'd ideally like to use that as a percussion pad on a kit, (cowbell etc) so i'm after a CY-5 and mount and connecting lead although i'm sure i can find one of those about.

    Not overly bothered about marks on the cymbal...
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