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td 11k

  • How to achieve a tight Snare sound?

    Have the TD-11k kit, and trying to achieve a more present tight snare sound. Haven't been able to find it in the pre sets or by fiddling around. Got pretty close but not where I want to be. The sort of sound I am after is a highly tuned, tight snare strainer "crack" you would get from a small...
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  • Using an extra PD-8 two zone pad with a TD-11K kit

    Just bought the TD-11K kit....the one with the rubber pads. Unfortunately these come with the PD-8A single zone tom pads. If I add 2 zone pads to it PD-8, PDX-6 Is the TD11-K module Tom 1,2,3 cables / jacks two zone capable without changing jacks / wiring etc? I don't want tom rim shots but I can use...
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  • See the TD-11 Owner's Manual Pages 11 & 41

    The TD-11K kit and TD-11KV kit both use the same TD-11 module at their core, so the features functionality are exactly the same. Just the Pads are different.

    Yes, Tom 1,2,3 are 2 Zone Capable and can support both Dual-Piezo Type...
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  • TD-11K (kit expansion and recording query)

    Hello, e-drum noobie here Recently picked up a secondhand TD-11K and was wondering how long the Quick Record function records for, scoured the internet but can't find the answer anywhere😂 I also upgraded the pads and want to use one of the original PD-8As as a fourth tom or ride cymbal. The extra...
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  • TD-9/PDX-8 Rimshot Distortion on Snare/Hi-Hat Tracking Issues

    Anyone else have issues with distortion on the rimshot sound of the PDX-8 pad on the TD-9? Mine just started doing this about a week ago or so and it's driving me NUTS! 😂 I've fiddled with the rim gain in the pad settings of the module, but doesn't change anything, and I've also swapped the PDX-8...
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  • I went through a similar situation back in 2020. I had a 2012 model FD-8 that went to crap after 8 years (bought new with the TD-11K kit I bought new at the time). I ended up getting an FD-9 for like $125 via eBay (jmlomusic was the seller) a few days later.

    If you're interested, here's...
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  • bloodbloodblood
    started a topic TD-11k vs TD07 ?

    TD-11k vs TD07 ?

    Hi all!

    I sold my drum kit 10 years ago when I moved to a city apartment, and have finally decided to buy an electronic kit so that I can play again. I'm not a professional musician and probably won't be using the kit for live gigs, just for practicing at home.

    I am finding...
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  • hellar
    started a topic $500-$600USD beginner kit?

    $500-$600USD beginner kit?

    im 6'2 looking for a good (probably used) kit that will have some upgradeability and wont feel tiny and cramped. Id like to be able to change out the hi-hat with a proper hi-hat stand configuration. After a quick look around forums and such, it looks like Roland TD-1DMK. Ive heard things about Yamaha...
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  • Shelby08
    started a topic CY-13R Cymbal - Bell Issue

    CY-13R Cymbal - Bell Issue

    Newbie - Originally purchased a TD-1K but did not like the rubber pads. The place of purchase agreed to take it back and credit it towards another set - Went with the TD-11K. Love the mesh heads but don't like the CY-13R ride. Issues with the bell not triggering properly. The cymbal on the TD-1K was...
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  • Roland TD-11K hi-hat pedal not working (damaged FD-8 or sound module?)

    Hello everyone! How are you? I need help with a little problem... while kicking the FD-8 pedal my drum kit does not produces any sound. It is working fine when I hit the hi-hat with the drum sticks, but it always make an open hi-hat sound even if I am pushing the FD-8 pedal really hard.

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  • International96's V-Drums Build Thread!

    Kinda inspired by Tazed's megathread of his V-Drums kit building journey and progression, I've decided to do the same for my kit and document the changes and build progress here in one thread.

    July 28, 2012 is when I brought my TD-11K kit home from my local music store (it was a...
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  • Considering upgrading to TD-17 Module from TD-9 V2. Is it worth it?

    Hi guys and gals.

    Just pondering the idea of upgrading my TD-9 V2 module that I bought in Sept. 2018 to a TD-17. I don't use VST's, so I use the stock sounds that I edit to my liking. The TD-9 has been great and still is sound-wise, but am curious to know just how much better the TD-17...
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  • I don't know why I hadn't posted this, but here's my TD-9K2 kit. Current with the recently added PDX-6/8 toms (6 for the rack, the 8's for the floor toms)

    I started with TD-11K that I bought new in 2012, and have done the following upgrades:

    Added a 4th dual-trigger PD-8 tom...
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  • Thank for replying guys. Is it the TD-11k a good deal? Found one used for 500usd with 2 crash cymbals
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  • yoav420
    started a topic FD-8 CY-5 Horrible combo upgrade?

    FD-8 CY-5 Horrible combo upgrade?

    I own a td-11k kit and looking to replace the absolutely terrible stock "hi hat".
    Ideally I would get a nice vh-10 or something but the price is just too high.
    I just found out that there might be cheaper options, like the Goedrum GHC for 50$
    Anyone has any experience with...
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