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  • Blehgopie
    started a topic Replacement Head for PDX-8?

    Replacement Head for PDX-8?

    My PDX-8 snare head developed a tear in it yesterday, and going online to fine a replacement has been...not as easy as I would have expected. About the only mesh head that comes up repeatedly in searches are the Powerply heads, which state in their descriptions that they fit all models except the PDX-6...
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  • Purchase Advice Needed for Roland V-Drums Kit for Church

    Warning: Long post ahead.

    Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this. I've been a longtime lurker since 2016, but now am a first-time poster. This an amazing forum, and the help and advice offered by each of you has been a tremendous blessing to me as I went upgrade my...
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  • pmv16
    started a topic Best used Roland module for gigging

    Best used Roland module for gigging

    I am the lead guitar/owner of a 5 piece classic rock band, and I currently own a Roland TD-11k kit. I have upgraded the kit with all mesh heads, and Vexpressions Masters file is installed. I have not upgraded the kick or the Hi Hat.

    Disclaimer: I do not play the instrument, I allow our...
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  • Galkim
    started a topic Noise eater only for the base drum?

    Noise eater only for the base drum?

    I got a roland td-11k. I'm living in an apartment building, and I'm concerned from the vibrations through the floors to my downstairs neighbors. Should i use a drum eater/insulation for the base drum only or for my whole kit?
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  • Addictive Drums 2 Problem: Hi Hat keeps closed after release pedal [TD-11K]

    I'm using Addictive Drums 2 with a Roland TD-11K. Basically my problem is: While I'm playing with the Hi Hat closed, sometimes when I release the pedal, it keeps sounding with the "closed" sound. I have to press de pedal again to get the "opened" sound. This does not happen when...
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  • What you are describing is commonly referred to as hi-hat transmuting. In a real hi-hat, basically when you hit the hi-hat closed and then lift your foot the sound should transition from a closed to an open sound. In addictive drums 2 there is no software algorithm to transmute that sound from closed...
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  • Hey guys, I have made a custom kit by combining the TD-17KV and the TD-11K using both modules. What is the best V-expressions pack to use with this set up, for the 17 or the 11, or could I get both?
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  • I was in a situation similar to yours, I kinda liked my VEXed td-11k enough to keep playing it without upgrading and lasted like a good boy for 3 years.
    And then I found a really good deal on a used vh-11, the difference was so big that it re-ignited my GAS big time, just in the middle of Uni...
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  • yoav420
    started a topic td-11k to td-9sx upgrade?

    td-11k to td-9sx upgrade?

    I am considering buying a td-9sx as an upgrade for my td-11k and then taking all the good parts from the td-9 (all the mesh goodies, cy-13, and maybe the rack) and selling the td-9 corpse with my rubber pads, crappy cymbals and pdx-8 afterwards.
    Seems to me this kit is very old though (pic below)...
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  • Cabron
    started a topic Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact for very tall drummer?

    Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact for very tall drummer?

    I'm leaning very strongly toward buying this set. The main thing that's making me hesitate is the fact that I'm 6'6" with long legs, and I want to make sure I can set everything high enough. Will this one be okay? Are there any very tall drummers here who use it?...
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  • drumego
    started a topic td-4 vs td-11 drum module

    td-4 vs td-11 drum module

    Hi guys, i joined this site with simple question.
    Forgive my fool english, i'm korean and my english is much worse compare to even other koreans haha...

    First of all - in our country, roland td-4 and td-11k have exactly same pads composition except kick pads.
    ( the td-4 has...
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  • MrNow
    started a topic Greetings from Florida

    Greetings from Florida

    Retired and finally taking up the drums. Have a gently used Roland TD-11K Kit on its way and already looking at upgrades. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of vdrums!
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  • yoav420
    started a topic FD-8 CY-5 Horrible combo upgrade?

    FD-8 CY-5 Horrible combo upgrade?

    I own a td-11k kit and looking to replace the absolutely terrible stock "hi hat".
    Ideally I would get a nice vh-10 or something but the price is just too high.
    I just found out that there might be cheaper options, like the Goedrum GHC for 50$
    Anyone has any experience with...
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  • yoav420
    started a topic Upgrading the TD-11K

    Upgrading the TD-11K

    After writing some posts and doing a little research about possible VH-11 substitutes... I am now even more confused!
    I own a stock TD-11k and I've grown unhappy with the FD-8 CY-5 combo, and the lack of ride bell (due to double CY-8 cymbals), I should also note that I'm a student for the years...
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  • yoav420
    replied to FD-8 CY-5 Horrible combo upgrade?
    I've thought about it and you're right, the CY-5 seems problematic being not centred and all. Now I'm thinking of getting a CY-13R ride so I can free up one of my CY-8's and use the CY-8 as the hat top and the CY-5 as some kind of small crash/splash I guess... (just to make it clear at the moment I...
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