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  • If it is not your regular soundman, be careful, lot of guys are not equipped to give you an appropriate monitor feed. So you wind up not being able to hear yourself very well. They may only have monitors that are suitable for vocals. I always take a powered monitor and submixer JIK....
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  • Toddmoe
    replied to Best monitor for me and the band
    Wow this is an old thread, but since it's bubbled up I will add:
    If you can match the FOH with your monitor, your drums will sound better and more uniform. QSC FOH use a k10 or 12 for your monitor. Obviously not inexpensive, but they make a great drum monitor as other have noted. Or JBL or whatever...
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  • Echoing others on power, get a Furman, I've had inadequate power cause lots of weird stuff over the years. It's not the surges, it's the brownouts that get you....
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  • One last thought for you, depending on what kind of gigs you are playing, you might be lucky to get 2 channels on the pa, and a lot of sound guys are not really comfortable with edrums. So you are probably not going to want to do a ton of kit changes or you'll be jacking up the mix. You probably want...
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