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"Waiting for Pearl Mimic Pro!"
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  • Does any of you use the Mimic without any fx and EQ? Just the preset sound of the sets? Because even though the 60 sets sound extremely realistic out of the box, I have EQ'ed my user sets a lot to make them sound amazing. But I might be using headphones that doesn't do the preset sound justice. I have...
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  • I'm still not completely sure how to use my Mimics output channels. I think that from the factory the stereo output is routed to channels 3-4 and that I need to use two balanced cables...
    What do you guys use?
    And is it true that if I want to send each input in the Mimic separately to be...
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  • Thanks, Mr. Boo.
    I have a Roland CY-13 ride, so the Mimic should automatically use both wire connections, I guess.
    I just didn't understand why it said "Ride 2 disabled" when everything seems to work fine...
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  • I need some advice, you guys.
    I'm still new to the Mimic, cause I only got mine 4 days ago, so bear with me...
    I have two cables going from my ride (Cy-13 R) to my Mimic and it kinda sounds like it works ok, but I saw on the screen that Ride 1 was connected and RIDE 2 was disabled???...
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