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TD 11 K Noob

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  • TD 11 K Noob

    Howdy all. Just grabbed myself a Roland TD 11K today and LOVE a project . Was going to use it primarily for writing with my band (exchanging ideas) as well as new music projects i pick up. That being said....What kind of cymbal and drum upgrades should i get to give myself a decent kit to work with (stock tom pads not cutting it ) i know zero about this and would love to get input from the folks here . I have 3 acoustic kits but have neglected the electronic medium. Will probably buy used as this seems where you can get the most bang for your buck .Thanks in advance guys and gals !!

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    Welcome! Well, you came to the right place. As far as kit equipment, place a post in the tech or suggestions thread, more folks reading those threads for the sole purpose of helping others.

    Here's my 2 cents. You can go several routes, all of which will get you what you want.

    When you say the stock pads are not cutting it, are we talking mesh or rubber? Mesh are generally accepted to be better than the rubber. And some folks like the TCS pads made by Yamaha, which are not mesh but way better than rubber and have a different feel/rebound than mesh and are great to play on.

    Since you have three A kits, you can always do the whole DIY route and convert one of them to electronic by installing triggers of various types/methods and placing mesh heads on the shells. Lots of threads here on that...the search engine is your friend.

    Most mainstream parts are compatible with each other (like Yammy and Roland and Hart, Pintech, Alesis, etc etc) so mixing and matching can usually work. Check here for your specific choice with your specific module.

    When posting your questions or even choosing your gear, think about what are trying to accomplish NOW, as well as next year or more. This will guide your choices when deciding to spend a lot of $$$ on gear.


    K ;-)
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    A Kit = Natal 6 pc with Paiste 2000 & Zildjian/MidiKNights/DrumSplitters


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      If you want to spend some, you can upgrade to Roland mesh pads of course. For instance, I moved the mesh snare to tom 1 and bought a second one (PDX-8) for $100. Then I got a PD-105 mesh snare for $300, plus two PDX-100 floor toms for $219 each. I also added another crash cymbal. To do this you have to get a drum splitter so that you can split, say, tom 1 and tom 2 (they will work great, but no rim shots). The splitters are $20 from drumsplitters.com. That gives you a great mesh kit, and everything will fit (just) on the rack, fairly closely. If you don't need another crash you can just use the additional AUX out from the module for tom 4 (or not bother with tom 4 at all)
      Roland TD-11: PD-105 snare, PDX-100 toms (3); CY-13R ride; CY-12 crash (2); KD-9 kick; Iron Cobra HP900 kick pedal; VH-10 hi-hat; Iron Cobra HH605 hi-hat stand; Simmons DA200s monitor; Sony MDR-7520 and Audioquest Nightowl headphones; AD2; VEX Apex, Sync, Icons, Boost, Masters 1-2; Drum-Tec LA Studios, Real Acoustic, Alternate Rock Sound Editions


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        You guys rule ! my acoustic kits are pretty much here to stay I have a 5 pc Yamaha Recording Custom a 9 Pc Pearl export (dont mind getting beer spilled on it and having it puked on in NYC clubs ) and a 7 pc Tama Warlord Masai (only 100 in the world ) . I do want to go all mesh heads on the Roland, the more threads i read the deeper the rabbit hole goes as to that will work with the TD 11 module . Added another CY8 crash . But do want to ditch the rubber pads and go mesh . This is where you expert folks shine ... lay the wisdom on me !!!! thanks again


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          Welcome DD
          I'm guessing you picked up your TD11 2nd hand? But, if ever you bought it from a store and you want mesh heads, go back (quick) and change the kit.
          Take your credit card, the mesh-head version is consderably more expensive, but a whole bunch cheaper than trying to change out heads.
          If second hand, looks like Gradier's your man.
          For context, take a look at his post : Vdrums for less than $2000 TD11 or TD15
          Gradier - you happy with the TD11's hi-hat ?
          e-drums : Roland TD11KV
          a-drums : Yamaha Stage Custom


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            mrfrench l am going to follow Gradier's lead. Unfortunately running into what seems like the age old problem. I own a condo on the 2nd floor . The other day i got ........THE CEILING BANG.......... guess my double bass and quads were not appreciated below me. Now have to fins a way to quell that nightmare before I go forward investing in upgrades.