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Hey all, i'm 'BUCKLE'

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  • Hey all, i'm 'BUCKLE'

    Hey all,

    I've lurked these forums for ages and thought it was about time i bite the bullet and clicked 'Sign Up'

    A bit about me: I've been drumming close to 20 years, predominantly on Acoustic kits but have a love for Electric/Hybrid drumming and have never bought into the 'Either Or' complex many acoustic drummer fall into but instead prefer the "Why can't we have both?! ".

    I'm currently designing/building my own Trigger cases (similar in design to the DDrum / roland ones) and am scouring the forums for all things 'Trigger' related, but I'll make a post about that once i get the Stainless Steel Laser cut in the next few weeks. (attached image - Paper Proto-type V1 photo)

    I started on a Mapex MARS pro kit and had a DTXplorer. Borrowed a friends Sonar Jazz kit for about a year, and am currently playing a DW Performance kit(borrowed),and a Gretsch Blackhawk at home for practice. I currently own an SPD-SX and am making some triggers to move to Hybrid drumming.

    I am also working with some friends to make our own Drum Samples from all the kits we own/have access to.

    Hope that wasn't long winded but hey, we all secretly love talking about our selves right?! :P

    Much Love,

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    HI an welcome aboard. If you look around here, you'll see that trigger design has come a long way from the ddrum models which have inspired your efforts. Take a look, in particular, at some of the stuff from Wronka and Triggera. And keep us posted on your progress.
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      Why do I always feel dirty when someone says that they have been ''lurking around''? Makes me feel like I need to close my blinds more often.
      Aaaanyways, welcome! I'm sure you'll find most, if not all the info you need about designing triggers and all that kind of stuff around here, we have some people here that are insane when it comes to DIY stuff. I think they're actually wizards...
      Hope you'll enjoy your stay


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        Thanks guys.

        @allanjohn, Yep saw those triggers and love the concept. Thanks so much for pointing them out I need the ability to get to a new Kit, throw the triggers on and go (I mainly play Acoustic kits live, and use electric elements to supplement my sound)

        Looking forward to my stay


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          Welcome and your intro could never be too long, not with this group! Keep posting pics of your progress and have fun here!

          K ;-)
          My bands: Alter Ego, Arcanum
          E Kit = Roland TDW-20s kit // Roland SPD-S// Pearl Demon Drives//
          A Kit = Tama Swingstar 5 pc (1981) w/roto toms (orig owner!) //Zildjians
          A Kit = Natal 6 pc with Paiste 2000 & Zildjian/MidiKNights/DrumSplitters


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            Welcome and secretly?? There is no secrets with me, I fully admit I love me some me! But that's just because I'm awesome. But enough about me, let's talk about what you think about me???

            Glad to have you here!
            TD50 Digital Pack, TD30 and TD9 Modules, custom made pads, Gen16 crashes, and hats plus a few other things that I'm not sure what to do with or why they're still in my kit. Bands: Espada http://www.musicaespada.com/ and JamCo https://www.facebook.com/JamcoEntertainment, https://www.jamcoband.com/