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And Now For Something Completely Different, Again

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  • And Now For Something Completely Different, Again

    So my wife's looking out the kitchen window yesterday and sees this squirrel in a red maple. We watched it for a while and realized that it had chewed some of the bark off of the base of a branch causing the sap to run (upper 30F and sunny, perfect sap conditions). It was licking the sap off of the bark! These little buggers are so smart that I would only be mildly surprised if they figured out how to start my grill to boil the sap down into maple syrup.

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    Haha, I love the ''MapleNoPancake'' name of the pic! You should make some pancakes for those little buggers! :O
    At one of the places I used to live, a moose had walked into our backyard, eaten a bunch of old apples that had fallen off our appletree and gotten drunk. Not quite as fun D:


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      Squirrel!!!! Love it Jim, what a beautiful critter. Where my dad lives in Michigan, he watches them out his window (well, the dog and cats watch them and alert him to their presence is usually how it goes) and even in deep snow they always remember where they buried their acorns. Smart. When I visit in winter we'll put chestnuts out there that we drive across town to find in another park and it's funny to see their reactions to them vs the acorns and other tidbits they find. It's like "Whoa!!!! Check the size of deez nuts!"

      K ;-)
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