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Returning drummer and new to electronics

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  • Returning drummer and new to electronics

    Hey guys! new to the forum, and thought I'd say hi. I played drums from 4 till 20. But life threw a monkey wrench and my set went with it. Last month I sat down at a set while helping a friend get a bass at a guitar center and was floored at how far e drums have come in a decade (I'm now 30). The best e kit then was the td 10 and it was roughly the price of a used car. I had a lot of fun on a td 15. And it will work in my condo. My only question is should I get a new td-15kv or a used td-12?

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    Td15 has the newer sounds that you seem to like, but is limited in expansion (no MIDI in). The TD12 is older but will allow your kit to expand should you want a bigger kit with more pads. The older sounds of the TD12 can be bypassed and play VSTs instead, where sounds are even better than the TD15 ( but will need a computer).
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      Just like perc says, the TD-15 is newer with newer sounds, but the TD-12 gives you the option to add extra cymbals, toms or whatever. And should you feel that the sounds on the TD-12 aren't good enough you can hook the module up to a computer abd use the computer as a soundbank by getting a VST-program like Superior Drummer or such, those sounds are even better than most sounds you fins in any module today. If you could get a used TD-12 with all mesh heads in good condition I would go for that one. But that's my 2 cents. Hope you'll be.happy with whatever kit you get and welcome back to drumming! //Mike


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        Welcome to the forum, Charms434!

        I just have to ask you this:
        At the price-point you're looking at (somewhere between maybe $2500 - $2999, that's for a full kit), have you seriously considered buying a 2box Drumit-Five?

        Just to throw in a good alternative....
        Happy Drumming!

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          Welcome! Post some pics when you get all set up. Have fun here, all sorts of great folks with tips, tricks, advice, and nonsensical comments!

          K ;-)
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            I don't think you can go wrong with either the TD12 or TD15. Look at 2box as hairmetal-81 said, a lot of folks really like them. Also look at Yamaha, I am a big fan of their pads vs mesh. You will either love them or hate them, so be forewarned. Do your due diligence and have fun. Would that "monkey wrench" that derailed you happen to be girls/family/kids? We have all been there. Welcome back to drumming and welcome to the forums.



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              I would look for a used kit on eBay or Craigslist. A TD12 with mesh pads, and hopefully a VH11 or similar HH. The used market is so much cheaper for these sets, and you can mix and match stuff. A PD85 pad for instance is like $80 on eBay, but $225 new.
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                Welcome And Happy Drumming