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    It's been a while since I've joined a new forum. Usually I forego the intro and just dive right in and start posting. But in this case I've got nothin'! I know VERY little about V-Drums. I played drums for about 25 years, got out of music completely to raise a family. But now my sons are getting into music and want to play. So I bought a v-drum kit to be more practical and quiet for our neighbors. From what I can see I think I scored! I got a TD12, 4, toms (all mesh), snare, stock hats, plus a VH12, a mesh bass drum, Tama pedal, few cymbals, and a throne. I played it for the first time last night and I am already in love with this kit. So much so that I already plan to buy another one tomorrow to add to the existing. I do have a ton of questions. Should I ask them here, or go out there to the big room and ask them there? Thanks, and awesome forum!!

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    Welcome to the forum, John37.

    A used TD-12 *is* quite a score, along with a pair of VH-12 hats! Congatulations on that one! I guess your 25-year experience was showing through, there ...because that's a mighty fine pick to start off into the realms of everything VDrums!

    Happy Drumming!

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      Welcome and post some pics! There are all sorts of helpful folks here so ask questions all you like!

      K ;-)
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        Welcome! We do have some real V-drum Wizards in here so feel free to ask anything! I myself might not be a V-drum genious but I'll try to help out with what I can.
        Hope you enjoy the worl of V-drums and indeed a used TD-12 in good condition is a good score, we'd love to see some pictures of it so we can see exactly what's on it


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          That *is* a good score! Welcome along!
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