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Newbie drummer from Italy

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  • Newbie drummer from Italy

    Hello everybody, I am the owner of a HD-3 drumset (almost 1 year now) and practicing drumming as a self-taught learner (I have a good music knowledge from other instruments).
    I have put together a small home recording studio where I enjoy playing some covers (classic rock, pop 80/90s) on guitar, bass, keyboard and lately drums. Usually I overdub the lead vocal track from the original song or from some other singer, as I cannot sing by myself decently.

    I am now able to play basic drums accompaniment for most of my favorite songs (except most difficult solos and fills) and quite satisfied of my HD-3 which I find small and simple for beginners, but also a very good quality product for the money.
    I joined the forum to have a reference for some minor issues I'm experiencing with advanced use of HD-3, to learn something more about how to get the best out of it, and of course in general about the e-drumming world.

    I thank everybody in advance for the help I could get here.

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    Hello and welcome!
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      Welcome to the forum, Stefano!

      Happy Drumming!

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        Welcome to the madness! Have Fun!
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