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    Welcome to the forum!

    Please take a moment to review our Forum Rules below before posting.

    Please feel free to contact our Moderators (Alan VEX or JManWord) if you have specific questions regarding the rules.

    The Moderation Team


    Multiple accounts are not allowed. Members found to have multiple accounts will be subject to immediate and permanent banning.

    1. Posting & Civility

    Politeness is rule one here. We expect spirited debates, as long as members extend others respect.

    Attacks against a vendors, manufacturers, or representatives are prohibited. This is not an official support forum for any vendor or manufacturer. If you wish to air your grievances against a vendor or manufacturer, contact them directly. This does not include respectful criticism of products.

    Attacks against moderators are prohibited. If you have a problem with a moderator, respectfully private message them to work the problem out. Public attacks will result in instant banning.

    Our forum focuses primarily on drumming. Please stay within this topic when creating and participating in existing conversations. We ask members to refrain from political and or religious discussion.

    Our forum has several sub-forums. Before you post, please make sure you are posting in the correct forum so members can better answer your questions. Any topic posted in the wrong forum will be deleted without warning.

    Attempting to sell/buy an item outside the classified section will result in an immediate ban without warning.

    Please refrain from creating duplicate threads/posts. Duplicate threads/posts will be deleted without warning.

    Flood posting in an effort to reach marketplace rights is strictly prohibited, and such posts will be deleted.

    This website is read by people of all ages; including young kids who want to learn about drumming. Please refrain from cursing. This includes usernames, avatars, signatures, and all other content.

    2. Signatures

    Political related signatures are not allowed. Please restrict signature content to personal gear and or drum-related websites. No music store websites are allowed in signatures. The intent of this rule is to prevent music store spam in signatures.

    Banners are prohibited. Please limit your signatures to text only. Our intent is to keep focus on actual image attachments for discussion; rather than banners which clutter the forum.

    3. Copyright & Privacy

    Do not post or share copyrighted material, links or products. Offending members will be subject to immediate and permanent banning.

    Do not post private email or messages you have received without the permission of the sender. Offending members will be subject to immediate and permanent banning.

    4. Spam

    This community does not condone hit n' run posting or advertising of unrelated material. Offending members will be subject to immediate and permanent banning.

    5. Vendors & Advertising

    This community is proudly sponsored by Kraft Music. We allow continually contributing members to discuss products of interest with our members. We allow vendors to post and participate in a support-based fashion only. We DO NOT ALLOW posting by vendors seeking merely to redirect traffic to their websites or storefronts. Violators will be permanently banned without warning.

    6. Chronic Offenders

    Moderators reserve the right to take action against disruptive and chronic offenders. Moderators may attempt to correct the problem via warning. Moderators may take further action if necessary.

    7. Reporting Posts

    If you feel a post breaks one of these rules, please report it via the “report button” in the post. Reported posts are reviewed by moderators and are handled accordingly.

    8. Violations

    For most violations, the first offense will result in a warning via Private Message or in the thread. In the case of a second violation, the moderators may issue a temporary ban warning (7-30 days). Ultimately, multiple warnings can, and most likely will, result in permanent banning.

    9. Moderator Actions

    Upon violation, moderators will take action. This may include: the deletion of words or phrases, removal of an entire post, closing of a thread that leads off-topic or gets heated, warning a user, and or banning of a user.

    10. Revisions

    Rules are subject to change based on the needs of the forum. We try to announce and highlight all changes; but members should periodically review the rules.

    We have several Roland Corporation staff members contributing on this forum. We ask that forum members please not direct technical questions or service issues to Roland Representatives directly, as they are not an official channel for Roland technical or customer service. They offer their time and knowledge here voluntarily and we should respect their participation - not take advantage of their presence.

    Thank you for reading our rules and please enjoy your time at our forum.

    The Staff
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