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  • New member 1st post

    Hey guys I just signed up as a new member about an hour ago.. Not only am I new to vdrum forums but im new to drum's in general. Anyways I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I hope I don't ask TO many newbie questions.. *search has been my friend so far....*

    I have always loved drums but just now am I able to really afford them and play. I have always just had some el cheapo's to bang around on, oh and of course rockband with the ion kit ..

    Now its time for me to really get started. My first step is I ebayed a td3. I figured I will bang around on my little ion kit with that brain While I research and put a nice set together. So far im thinking I will A. Piece a Hart Pro series or B. go with there studio master 6.4 kit. (I know hart on roland forum, try not to scorch me to badly) However my dads neighbor has a hart set and I really fell in love with it. My local drum shop has rolands so I was able to play them aswell. Just the hart's seem to feel better to me I guess.

    To start I have been running threw tutorials at and bought Mel Bays dvd/ book combo.

    Well im rambling.. I just wanted to say hello.

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    Uh, your real name wouldn't be Yersinia Pestis would it? I mean, I wouldn't expect a lot of new friends hanging about if it is. Mmmm, gotta go....


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      Welcome to the forum!

      good luck piecing together your kit....

      btw which mel bay's book did you get?
      TD9+6v with Diamond Electronic pads, and cowbell.
      ATH-50m headphones, VEX packs
      not to mention keyboards, guitars, basses, and cats


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        lol no.. The name is a nick name. It came from video games.. Hehe They always joked when I joined the game because it was like the plague coming threw with all the dead bodies. saku, Mel's Complete modern drum set


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          Welcome to the forum Bubonic. Ask all you want if you can't find the answers, and good luck sorting the kit out.


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            welcome to the group, I started with a TD-3 then pieced together my kit that I have now, you won't get scorched by anyone for using non-Roland stuff, there are plenty of Hart, Pintech, Yamaha etc. fans here.

            Good luck!

            TD-12/Gibraltar rack/Pintech Concertcast drums 12" snare, 1 12" tom, 2 10" toms, 8" mesh kick, Visulite cymbals, 14" dual zone crash, 13" hi-hat, 18" 3 zone ride and 2 Dingbats, Roland PM-10, iPod, Zildjian anti-vibe sticks, Roc-N-Soc throne with backrest, Yamaha snare stand, Tama Iron Cobra pedal and HH75W hi-hat stand, Sennheiser HDR 110 wireless headphones. V-expressions 80's and 90's Giggin' Kits and Both Top 50 drummers (hopefully functional soon)


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              Originally posted by Bubonic View Post
              (I know hart on roland forum, try not to scorch me to badly)
              No worries! There's a fairly decent segment of the population here that plays Hart gear. We're happy to have you joining us!

              Keep us posted on which kit you decide to get, and be sure to post photos once you've got it all together.

              Welcome aboard!
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                What Vader said. This site has, fortunately, morphed into a very general edrumming site. Sure, it's heavy on Roland and Hart, some Pintech, not enough Yamaha but we strive very hard to avoid the pointless brand bigotry ("Tastes Great!", "Less Filling!", "You Suck!").

                Well, except with Behringer.

                TD-12, DTX502, SD1000, EZDrummer, Diamond Drum 12" snare, S1000 toms/cymbals/kick, PCY10/100/135/155, CY-5/14, Hart Ride, Hart Acupad 8" kick, Epedal Pro II, Concept 1 pads/cymbals, SD1000 & Roland V Sessions racks, PD-7, Kit Toy 10" splash, DMPad ride, SamplePad, PerformancePad Pro


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                  Originally posted by grog View Post
                  Well, except with Behringer.
                  Oh yeah, I don't own any because of the horror stories I've read! Yeow.


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                    And Ion and Medeli should also be on the blacklist because poor quality...says a disgruntled Ion purchaser...
                    TD9+6v with Diamond Electronic pads, and cowbell.
                    ATH-50m headphones, VEX packs
                    not to mention keyboards, guitars, basses, and cats


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                      I haven't had a problem with my lil ion set.. I bought it and the game for 300.. so it was a sweet deal for me. But I guess I cant complain to much only having a 300 dollar set lol.

                      Im sure if I had a "real" set like you guys the ion would be junk. Im waiting on my used td3 module to get here.


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                        A working Ion kit verses' a dead TD-20 makes it junk , and my trusty Behringer mixer "with lots of effects and channels" and the B300 watt powered speakers are still working (more than the wife ever has
                        ), It will be with trepidation I turn them on now .
                        You cruel Behringer hating ppl
                        Mind you one channel is starting to give up on the mixer with about 20 hours use
                        You'll enjoy your TD-3 the sounds are very good.
                        Nothing of importance here