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scott rockenfield queensryche here

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  • scott rockenfield queensryche here

    hello everyone...thought I'd just drop in and say HI...I have been a V-drum user for almost 8 years now. (or something like that)..haha...I have a custom drum compnay called Rockenwraps that specializes in graphic wraps for drums, and we recently released our brand new V-drum wrap sets...A very cool new way of personalizing your v-drums...easy to install and very cost effective...feel free to contact us at [email protected] for some more info, and also check out the attached pics... Besides all that, I look forward to seeing some of you soon!
    ---cheers-- scott rockenfield/queensryche
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    wow, i've been to many queensryche shows
    (around 'empire') it's not often a long time pro like you
    comes around.. so, "welcome"
    -i just happened to be one of the first to type this-
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      Awesome, and welcome to our little forum. Nice to see a real star here.
      I saw you play many times, and many moons ago too! I well remember the kit with the chains all over it.
      Welcome once again.


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        very cool eric..thanx for the kind words...! hope to see ya soon!

        scott rock


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          Really cool idea Scott ,

          It's nice to see options being made available to electronic kit owners too . I've been a fan of you as a drummer and Queensryche as well as what you're creating with Rockewraps products for drummers out there . Some really cool products that your company offers drummers of the world to give their kits a fresh facelift so to speak , and now for e-drummers too .

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            Scott Rockenfield spammed us? Imagine that. Make sure you contribute now; ya hear?
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              Welcome Scott!! Great to have you here!

              Looking forward to you, a pro, sharing your thoughts and experiences with VDrums!

              I saw you waaaaay back on the "Four Song EP" tour, when you guys opened for Quiet Riot in Houston. Been a fan ever since!
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                Welcome Scott.

                Sad to say your name is new to me but then Ive been away with the fairies for too many years and have only recenty returned to the land of the living.

                Im going to have to check you out now aint I.


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                  Hi Scott. It's great to see a professional with your experience post on this forum. Thanks for the heads up on your wraps. I just recently covered my V-kit with a super cheap material and I am definitely going to upgrade to one of your products.

                  FYI...I saw you here in Omaha many years ago. I don't remember the specific tour though. This particular show had a number of set changes, one of which was like a small night club with a little 4-piece kit off to the side of the stage. When you started playing that little kit with the absolutely HUGE sound, I was just floored! It remains one of my favorite concert moments to this day. Thank you.

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                    Welcome Scott,
                    I acually checked into your wraps about a year and a half ago for my V pads but opted for the other company that was making them .
                    I recieved the other one but they didn't really look like I hoped so I may check into yours again .
                    Thanks for the letting use know you are making some for v pads and welcome to the forum ...



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                      Yep I've been to a few concerts myself. Always been a fan... love the early stuff and Mindcrime. When Empire came out I think I wore out my CD(or cassette tape maybe?), can't remember it's been awile. But yeah, been a huge fan over the years... kinda lost touch for awhile now. I always thought your drumming style was very unique and had a helluva time trying to air-drum to your stuff back in the day.

                      Welcome! I'll check out the products for sure. And definatley stop in from time to time if you can!


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                        I too am a huge of my all time favorite albums is Rage For Order. That disc still gets tons of play at my house. Saw Queensryche on that tour opening for AC/DC...great show. Spent most of the show watching you on the drums, and I was a guitarist back then, you were very impressive. Saw you on the Empire tour opening for Metallica, another great show. Welcome to the forum Scott!
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                          WOW thanx everyone...!!!

                          Geez, I had no idea that when I joined this forum and started a post, that I would get soooo many gracious and welcome responses...I just do not have the time to respond to each, but definitely wanted to thank you all for the nice words and for enjoying my work so much through the years...without all of you I could not have had such a long career doing what we ALL enjoy...! feel free to contact us at [email protected] for any further info regarding our new V-drum wraps...! Or anything else for that matter...

                          Ryche On!!!!

                          scott rock


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                            I covered many of your hits for many years... and had a lot of fun doing it! LOL
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                              Awesome to have you aboard. I've been a fan for many years. Hope you visit often. Welcome
                              Roland Td-11KV, Alesis SamplePad, DW5000 pedal, Vater 7A sticks.