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Rookie from Detroit questions good deal and says hello!

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  • Rookie from Detroit questions good deal and says hello!


    This is my first post.

    Picking these up tonite for $1550.

    Is this a good deal???

    I have read a lot of good information here already. Very informative and useful!

    Thanks, and Cheers!

    Jake's Dad
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    Hi mate, that's what I paid for my 3 year old TD-12 kit a couple of months ago, but your getting 3 pads extra and by the looks of it a PD-7 as a Hi-Hat.
    My deal included a standard VH-11, a 450 dollar throne and the two 300 watt powered speakers so this doesn't look perhaps the best deal going, mine was an average second hand price.
    It's an awesomely nice looking kit though and depending what's going it may well end up as not bad since Roland is upping there prices I hear.
    You can get its age buy getting the modules' serial number. Ive also heard a TD-10 that put my 12 to shame.
    Two KD-7's, they are a very good kick pedal, worth about 100 dollars more than the KD-8, someone is losing a nice kit.

    Edit, I just noticed the "extra" pads are used as cymbals, maybe not the best deal out there.
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      (Jake's Dad, sorry for stealing your thread.)

      Sook, wow, I think your TD-12 deal was excellent. Used TD-12 module alone is already USD900. And from your photos, I think I saw 3 CY-12RC? That's probably $450 2nd hand? And you got two 300w speakers plus a throne?!

      And you got it in NZ?
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        Sorry Jake's dad, I'll just answer sciomako if you don't mind since this is about buying 2nd hand kits.
        Yes mate bought here in chch with the speakers, throne, twin pearl kicks, 2 CY-12's for 3600 (1900 USD) same as in the pics but Ive added the PD-8 and 2 CY-8's.
        The 1st TD-12 I bought about 12 months ago was 2400 ($1500 USD) with 1 CY-8, 2 CY-12's and a CY-15, now that was a good deal and under a year old. There are good buys out there if your quick on the local auction sites and you seem to pick up the best deals between 1am and 2am.
        I'm looking hard for Allan here on the forum for a TD-12 and if I find one I'll have parts to sell.
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          Yes, that is a good deal. TD-10 kits usually go upwards of $2000. Enjoy them!


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            Thanks Michael, I feel a little better now.

            I don't care if anyone wants to hijack this thread, I just learn more.

            Anyway, after I get them set up tonite, I am going to factory reset them (hope I get the manual) and try cleaning the mesh heads with the OxyClean trick.

            This forum rocks.

            So, which e-cymbals can I use with the TD10??

            I am trying to figure all of this out - sorry for asking redundant questions that are likely somewhere in the archives.



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              Originally posted by Sook View Post
              Two KD-7's, they are a very good kick pedal, worth about 100 dollars more than the KD-8,
              As much as I like a KD-7, they're not generally worth more than a KD-8. You must be thinking of something else?



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                Welcome to the forum, enjoy your time here, and enjoy the drums!


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                  Hi, Jake's Dad, and welcome to our little place on the Web. You didn't bag the deal of the century, but you certainly didn't make a bad purchase either. You did just fine, and you will certainly get much more than $1,500-worth in enjoyment out of that kit. You've got a great kit to start building on (they are all works in progress, don't ya know? - no e-drum kit is ever "complete" or "finished.")

                  Again, welcome aboard and congrats on your purchase.
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                    From what I read here, you are all obsessed. The building process sounds intruiging, even if I end up in a van down by the river because I can't make the mortgage.


                    Oh Lord, what have I started? Here I go.

                    Now for that Expansion Module......


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                      Roland US has a section where you can download product support docs:

                      and a manual:

                      Be patient with this second link. Sometimes it takes a little while for the PDF to load.

                      Welcome to the forum!
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                        KD-7 were $349 and the KD-8 $199 new here Bart, and Jake's dad it's a great kit, I just try to find those not everyday great buys.
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                          At $1550, if it had the Expansion Module maybe it would have been a superior deal. He threw in two yamaha kick pedals, the throne, and some Senheiser headphones.


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                            Sometimes you just fall in luv with them :-) it's almost a girl thing going on, of course it's always about getting more pads/drums. There's a guy here been trying to sell his TD-20 for over a year now, your kit compared to this is a steal.

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                              I think its a great deal at $1550 here in the US.

                              If its in good condition then I would snatch it up quickly at that price.

                              Just make sure you can get VEX packs for a TD-10.