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    I am a new member and am in need of help. I just purchase a small roland HD-1 set for my teenage sons. This completed a project to create a small bedroom studio in a wood frame condominium building. All instruments (guitar, bass, keys and drums run through a Headphone amp thus making it virtualy silent. Today, one day into it, The downstairs neighbor came up to complain that the rubber pads and kick drum pedals caused the pictures on his wall to vibrate. This particular kit has the electronic pedals that have no kick pad so I think think the vibration is due to the rubber tom and floor tom pads. The snare is a mesh head, no problem there. I briefy viewed some ideas on sound absorbing platforms which is what I think I'll need.
    Has anyone come up with the "better moustrap" that might allow my project to live?
    I look forward to your reply.

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    Welcome to the forum, and sorry to see this age old problem arise again.
    As you have found there are many threads about this already, and there is no definitive "this really works" solution. I am surprised that the pads are the cause though, they have very little vibration transfer generally, unless the design of the HD1 amplifies it.
    I would suggest a thick, semi soft mat, like a stable mat would be a good solution.
    This has been suggested before, and there will be other responses to come.
    Good luck with it though.
    You could suggest the neighbour moves the pictures


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      Hi mate, I would think a horse float mat would do the job, it's made for lateral movement as well as pressure.
      Nothing of importance here


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        I don't think you should assume that the kick pedal is not the main culprit just because it's beaterless, as downward force on the floor seems to create the real problem. Did you also review "tennis balls"?



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          I think I would be surprised if that sort of vibration would come from the pads... most likely it will be the pressure of kicking on the pedals. Some sort of mat or sollutions like the tennisball floor might do it, it's sure worth trying.


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            yes, it is almost certainly the downward stomp on the pedals that is ball riser and a thick mat...though a foot of concrete would be even better...
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              Thanks for the replies and input. I did read some threads on the "Tennis Ball Riser". Does anyone have a quick link to the best of that idea?


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                Tennis Ball Platform/Riser

                Here's one of the links:

                There are a number of others. May also be improved using an underlayer of a material such as the interlocking mats that stores sell for exercise rooms.

                This will not do away with stick noise, of course, but appears to do quite well for the floor vibrations.


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                  The first and last posts in this thread also have some relatively recent successful suggestions:

                  Platform for my Roland TD20 - this one works well!