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Hello from South Carolina

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  • Hello from South Carolina

    Hey to all...

    36 yr old here... played drums in High School (snare, quads) and have always had that burning desire to get a set. Picked up a td-3 before christmas. Love it.. especially for the price. I have a 14 yr old son that is learning, so it's basically for him (cough, that's what I told the wife )
    Any way.. I do have a question... Regarding the Hi-Hat location and the module. Should I put the Hi-Hat to the left or right of the module? Or is it more of a comfort issue?


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    I don't think it matters where you put it. Some folks here have the HH center mounted. Mine is to the right of the module. Whatever floats your boat.
    Welcome to the forums.
    TD9 Frankenkit


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      Welcome to the forum and congrats on the purchase.
      I have my HH to the right of the module (look at my kit pic) but it's personal preference of course. Wherever it's most comfortably in reach.


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        Welcome and christmas greetings.....

        put the hihat where it's comfortable, but also, where you dont accidently hit the module!
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        not to mention keyboards, guitars, basses, and cats


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          welcome to the group ! I started with a TD-3, added a Dingbat to get another trigger and then eventually replaced the whole thing. Be careful, these v-drums are addicting.

          I really liked the TD-3, it served me well for over a year, but it is a bit limited and eventually I sold it off when I got the new kit all together

          It's GREAT you can do something with your son, mine is on the cusp of moving out of the house. They're only young once so it's great you guys have the drums as something to do together.

          Placement of things is somewhat personal but if you do something too unconventional anyone else will have a hard time at your kit and vice versa. I put my TD-12 on the right side of my kit, most everybody has it on the left side. part of my rationale is to "protect it" as it does stick out a bit, where my drums kit sits it's liable to get banged into.

          This is a great place for information/ support from folks all over the world.

          Be glad you're in South Carolina, we're getting buried under record snowfalls here in Spokane, WA. You can play your TD-3 instead of shoveling
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            Thanks for the replies. Picksorsticks... 80 degrees today. I hate it. Thanks for the info.


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              Originally posted by shawn7 View Post
              ... 80 degrees today. I hate it...
              Yea, yea, yea - don't you just love it? Among other things - that's why we live here.
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                Originally posted by Some Day Grey View Post
                Yea, yea, yea - don't you just love it? Among other things - that's why we live here.

                haha.. like the sand fleas...