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New to e-drums with questions

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  • New to e-drums with questions

    Hi all, I have been reading here for months, never posted. I have been playing drums since I was 10, played in garage bands throughout highschool and then in cover band locally for seven years. Eight years ago I quit playing in tha band and I now have a family. I am wanting to get back into playing, at least have something to play and the logical choice is e-drums. I have visited guitar center and a couple local drum shops and played several sets, coming to the conclusion that I am not going to spend thousands. My questions are regarding a set of TD-6's I have found on local ebay that seem to be priced right. They are 2001 model, I have not seen them YET. I am going on a description from the owner who is not a drummer. They are all rubber pads for snare and toms. here's my questions:

    Are the pads dual triggers?

    are the cymbals pads like the toms?

    were there any diferernces in the sounds of the td-6 new and old?

    kd-8 and fd-8 or something different?

    good buy for $600?

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    Hi and Welcome. Dual trigger pads? That depends on which pads they are. If they're PD-8s then yes (but I think those were released after 2001). However, they may be PD-9s which are dual trigger. However, I'd recon on them being PD-6s, which are not.

    The CY-6 is dual trigger, which is more than likely what is included.

    There is no differenvce sound wise between the 6 and the 6v.

    Probably KD-7 (not upright, inverted beater) and FD-7.

    As for price, that doesn't seem too bad, depends on the state of the kit tbh.

    Hope I've helped a bit, I'm sure someone else will dive in to mop up and mistakes I've made..........

    ETA: If it is the original TD-6K/S like this then its single trigger snare/tom pads, KD-7 (inverted) and an FD-6, with dual trigger CY-6s.


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      I just wanna say check the kit out if you can and offer less if you like it. People generally start with a price knowing most will want to haggle. I say even if it's the older TD-6, which I don't think it is given your description, haggle the price a bit and jump in and do this thing. The important thing is that you get back to drumming, and the TD-6 kit will do that for you!

      My .02


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        Thanks for the reply, I got a pictur of it from the owner, and it is the original TD-6K. It has inverted bass drum trigger, a pad for the highhat, cy-6's for the two cymbals, I was glad to see that they were not all pads like the high hat. Is the TD-6(blue) the same as the nwere td-6? Will it support dual trigger pads if I decide to upgrade? I want to buy a set for less than $1000 and change/upgrade as I go. I do not think this one has been abused and is in my price range, but I need more imfo it is hard to on the web so any help is appreciated.
        PDP A to E kit-- Billy Blast 3 ply mesh heads-- Yammie PCY65s cymbals-- Roland TD-4 - Dell PC with M Audio Audiophile PCI card- BFD Eco


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          td6 is blue,td6v is black.you can see the manual at roland and see what all it has to offer.


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            Originally posted by bamadrummer View Post
            td6 is blue,td6v is black.you can see the manual at roland and see what all it has to offer.
            the manual for the blue td 6 is at:

            you will probably want to upgrade the module before pads -except maybe a dual trigger mesh snare, as the td6, even the newer version, is a couple of generations old (counting the td9's sound set as the newest generation, and the td3/12/20 as the previous generation, and the 6/8/10 as the one before that).
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              Hi Sparky,

              Your story sounds familiar. I recently purchased a 6v for $800 on ebay, but it included an El Cheapo double pedal and a Roland KC-60 amp. The kit is about two years old, and has PD-8's and CY-8's. The hi hat is a PD-8.
              Good luck. Hope this helps...
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                Sparky, the blue TD-6 does NOT support rim triggering on the toms. The black TD-6V does. That is really the main difference between the two.

                $600 to get started? Sure, why not? A lot of people, including myself took that route. Some say it's best to shell out the money for the higher end set in the beginning as slowly upgrading a "lesser" set will cost more in the long run. Maybe, maybe not. Even those who get the higher end sets in the beginning end up putting money into it due to GAS attacks, so I just don't buy into that reasoning. Besides, if you look for good deals on upgrades, it can work out nicely. If that TD-6 set is what's in your budget and you are a patient person, I'd say go for it!

                Just to show you what patience can reap, this is what my set looked like when I bought it back in March of 2005:

                This is what it looks like almost four years later:

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