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TD-3 Has been discontinued?

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  • TD-3 Has been discontinued?

    Hi All, Thanks to these great forums I finally decided to buy a TD-3 kit as I have been deliberating between that and a Yamaha DTXPRESS 4.

    I Just got the kit yesterday, but now just learned it has been discontinued? Is anyone aware of what the "new" beginner model might be?

    I hate buying something new at full price and have it be obsolete in a day! I thought computers only fell into that category!

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    Where did you hear that it has been discountinued? some shop might no longer stock it, but as far as we have heard, it is alive and well!
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      I haven't heard that TD-3 is being discontinued.


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        News to me, it's the second most recent module, so I'd be surprised if it were!


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          I was told by two sources

          Hi all,

          First, in a way I am happy you all are surprised as I thouht I missed something somewhere too. I bought the kit online from Kraft Music last Thursday. In looking the kit up again on their website I noticed it is missing so I called them and they said it was just discontinued... They probably sold me the last one in their stock!

          I then checked with another online store (Musicians Friend) and they told me the same thing. Neither know of any replacement at the same price point (yet). In checking Google and the Roland site I came up with nothing about the product being discontinued.

          That said, I know it's still a great beginners kit regardless, but would have liked to known if a new and improved version is around the corner as they are not "discounting" the "discontinued" TD3.


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            ****.... and I just bought a TD3 module....

            At least I got it on eBay....

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