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  • Hi everyone

    This seems like a great forum with no trolls (that I've found) and it seems a really friendly crowd.

    I've followed a recent trend. I bought Rock Band Instrument edition and played that until the bass pedal broke. I got through most songs on hard and decided there had to be something more so bought the Ion Drum Rocker kit. Wow this was such an improvement. But. Then I thought, "what does a real drum kit feel like?". Well a trip into town (Swindon, UK) followed by playing on a TD-3 kit left me watching the eBay auctions like a nervous teenager

    I'm now the proud owner of a TD-3 kit. I love it. My wife is paying for some drum lessons starting after Christmas so I'm trying to unlearn some stuff I was doing to play Rock Band. I found I was using the French grip to play Rock Band (or something like it!) - I want to convert to, I think, the German grip or whatever it is called where the top of your hand point upwards and the sticks are roughly 85-90 degrees apart.

    I watched a few videos talking about the double roll and whilst my left hand seems fine with the throw and catch the right one feels like a piece of play dough! I'm leftie but thinking of learning to play right handed, something I've done with golf and cricket as it is easier for a righty to teach me. I also notice lots of advice about righties playing open style to force their left to improve so I guess me playing at a right handed setup will do the same. What do you all think?

    Happy Christmas everyone!

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum.

    Oh, we have some cave trolls here... they pop up every now and again when it's dark and no-one else is about. We've even had the odd Balrog, but Gandalf and Co (i.e. the mod squad) have defeated them and sent them to the land of Yamaha .

    Sounds like you're already well on the way to developing GAS (gear acquisition syndrome). It won't be long before you're upgrading that snare.... then maybe an extra cymbal.... and what about those toms.... Oh, and the hihat..... time for a new module..... and so it goes on!

    Getting some lessons is a great idea (IMO) and will sort out some of bad habits you've probably already got in to! .

    As to whether you should learn as a leftie or a rightie, that's personal preference and up to you. Discuss it with your tutor and see what you feel most comfortable with. Remember that there are lots of tutors and lots of different ways to teach, so if your not happy don't feel you have to stick with the first one you go to. Let us know how you get on.


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      Welcome to the forum, and another convert from Rock Band I see - excellent.
      Nice to see your taking some lessons soon.
      Regarding learning right handed..I wouldn't worry too much, I'd just practice a lot with the right hand. As long as your comfortable behind the kit, left or right makes no difference, and changing will probably cramp your style.


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        Welcome to the forum

        Rock Band has provided us with quite a few recruits, a good thing....

        the td 3 is a fine kit to start on, enjoy it and happy holidays
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          Another Rock Band convert here, great to see I'm not alone. Congrats on the TD-3, best of luck with it. Out of curiosity, are you planning on replacing the ION Drum Rocker with the TD-3 for Rock Band?

          If so, I played that combo for a month and can answer any questions/issue you may have about it.

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            i love rock band but i just call it band practice from 3-7
            but all joking aside my gf beats me at it i cant get accustomed to it. like when I'm on the guitar my fingers try to do chord progressions and scales or what not so i lose.
            guess I'm too dumb for finger exercises
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     really amazes me what an influence that game has had on edrumming. That's actually pretty cool. I wonder if it has had the same influence on the guitar or bass? You know, getting people to want to play the real thing.

              BTW, welcome to the forum mantisgb.
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                I would say it has more of an influence on drumming because just about every bloke has a guitar laying around. but very few people play drums that is why drummers are usually the band "promiscuous"
                and very few people have gotten behind a drum set or yet alone edrums and these games might get them hooked on it and maybe thinking about getting a kit but with housing neighbors and space restriction they go for the drumming route,which might come naturally from playing a video game.
                personally i don't understand why toontrack doesn't come out with a disk for ps3 that you just plug in and play, not exactly a game but not exactly software hust a practical vsti

                they could have different versions like one for pop one for jazz/blues an ethnic one one for hip hop and my one for my favorite METAL!

                that will give me a reason to turn my ps3 on

                it sounds far fetched but here's a similar game to what i imagine but for ps2 (2004)
                here is a video from an even older version of the game.

                o yea and one more thing not to be a jerk but guitar is way harder it's not as instantly rewarding ,ost people dont practice or give up like skateboarding
                binary solo! 000001 0000011 0000111 0001111 (oh)
                000001 (oh oh) 0000011 (oh) 00000111 (one) 00001111
                come on sucker lick my battery.
                Boogie,boogie, Robo boogie!
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