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Check out my TD20K vdrum kit - live studio webcam feed

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  • Check out my TD20K vdrum kit - live studio webcam feed


    I am based in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, where I have a home studio, and a new TD20K Vdrum kit. I will be linking our studio webcam as soon as I can figure out how to configue the router My Band called 420 Vision jams live on the internet a few times every week. The web cams have high res, and good quality audio.

    We would like to get some feedback from viewers/other Vdrum users as to the quality of our webcam feed.

    Love the kit, it is awesome.

    Mr.Kooky Kat
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    Can't connect, won't be able to...

    I'm afraid the URL you have given will not work. You have linked to the real IP address of your web server not a public routable IP address. If you have setup Network Address Translation on your router/Firewall then we need a different address or URL.

    cheers, Keith


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      I will look into this and make the appropriate changes for public access,.. any suggestions on how to configue the IP Cam?

      Mr. Kooky Kat


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        I think you need to enable port forwarding from your router/firewall for port 80 to the IP address of your camera.

        Nice to see someone else from the greater vancouver area, too!
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          Hi, I think the port forwarding method on your firewall/router will be the easiest approach. You can tell us which IP address to connect to by browsing to and posting that IP address. If you get into difficulties configuring your router drop me a mail at [email protected] and I'll try and help.

          cheers, Keith


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            Hey, thanks for the suggestions on config for the router,.. this is the setup Dlink wireless N router model DIR 625, and a LinkSyS wireless G IP web cam model,.. WVC54GCA

            any advice on configuring the router ports for public access to the web cam would be appreciated. We plan on having three web cams in the studio jam room. Their will be lots of different bands using the jam rooms with camera feeds to the world.