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Any VB6 Dudes Here?

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  • Any VB6 Dudes Here?

    This has zero to do with drumming other than I volunteered to set up this simple screen and am doing paradiddles on my head

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    OK so you got the rythm in your head. Thats a start. Get a TD3 and enjoy.


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      Originally posted by John.b View Post
      OK so you got the rythm in your head. Thats a start. Get a TD3 and enjoy.

      nah....wouldnt touch a td3 after having the td20 for 2 years


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        I used to do some scripting using VB6 and VBA, but I am mainly a C++ guy.


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          Well, havn't touched vb6 for along time. I'm a dotnet dude!. C# and vb net.

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            What simple screen are you setting up?


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              I've dabbled in VB6 and .NET. Do you have a specific question?
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                I've got access to a VB6 dude. What's the question?

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                  i started using vb6 in like 8th grade (1999?). i use to love using it.
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                    Man I haven't used VB6 in years! Moved on from there to VB.net and eventually onto C#.
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                      You are all wimps. I do machine code. And I am not talking about Assembly Language, I am referring to using an editor to embed op codes. (OK, just kidding. I haven't done this since my embedded systems days)