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  • New to electronics

    Hello All!
    My first time on any kind of forum, don't really know what I'm doin', just here to pick up some hints and tips. Been playing part-time since the age of 16, purchased my TD-20K 12 months ago and I'm about to start gigging again after a 15 year break. I've had lots of expierience with acoustic kits but never with V-Drums, so I'll probably be wanting hints and tips from all of your gigging experience with electronic kits. I'm actually expecting everything to run smooth, but if there's anything I should watch out for, just give me a nudge.

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    Welcome to the forum and congrats on your return to drumming. There are a lot of folks here like you (I suspect) and me (for sure) who would not be drumming at all were it not for edrums.

    One of the often overlooked and underused features here is the search function. I would encourage you use it to avoid the dreaded UTFSE (use The F****ing Search Engine response. Googling is sometimes an even better way to find information posted to this forum, since the search function here is a little quirky.

    As for your gigging, expect to put in some time learning how to get the best sound from your specific equipment. Every system responds differently, and if you end up getting great sound right off the bat, consider yourself very lucky. Learn all you can about amps, subwoofers, and EQ, as these all work together to form the sound you will be looking for.

    Look forward to hearing more from you!


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      Thanks for the welcome, Its good to know there are folk out there who I can call on for advice.


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        Yea, welcome back to the meaning of life. A TD20 to start, well Im really impressed.

        Good on ya mate. Go for it.


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          Welcome. Nothing like starting at the top end I guess!
          Enjoy the drums and the forum.


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            Welcome to the forum and the best of luck with the gigging...we have a section for all your best stories about gigs and how the bassist tripped over his amp....

            lucky you starting out with the best kit, i am jealous!
            TD9+6v with Diamond Electronic pads, and cowbell.
            ATH-50m headphones, VEX packs
            not to mention keyboards, guitars, basses, and cats


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              A note on searching in here (I'm the grump who usually says UTFSE), go google first. It searches "better" in here than the native search engine.

              And while we're all eager to offer advice, we're equally eager to here about gigging experiences and how you do things.

              Welcome aboard!

              TD-12, DTX502, SD1000, EZDrummer, Diamond Drum 12" snare, S1000 toms/cymbals/kick, PCY10/100/135/155, CY-5/14, Hart Ride, Hart Acupad 8" kick, Epedal Pro II, Concept 1 pads/cymbals, SD1000 & Roland V Sessions racks, PD-7, Kit Toy 10" splash, DMPad ride, SamplePad, PerformancePad Pro


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                A welcome from me too.This is the best place not only for tips and tricks but you will also be suprised how soon you will be even a better drummer !
                it is great you start with a td-20 because you get less GAS.Only prob is that your module has 15 trigger inputs while your pads are 10.....
                Ex E-kits:
                ''Lernean Hydra'' ( a bounche of roland pads with a td-6 module)
                ''Lucy'' (Diamond electronic drums with a td-12 module)
                current E-kit
                ''Cherry Gretschy Lady'' (Gretsch Catalina Ash 6 piece A to E kit-Roland td20 module-A to E cymbals)

                " Mrs.Catalina'' (Gretsch Catalina maple 6 piece kit-Paiste signature+Masterwork custom made cymbals)

                check out a few videos http://www.youtube.com/user/hampisdrums


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                  I know what you mean about the GAS buddy! I'm now looking at aquiring more cymbals & getting Custom designed kits from V Expressions to enhance the overall authenticity of the bands sound. Thanks again to all you guys for the welcome.


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                    Welcome Colbo - we all have something to share, to teach & to learn.
                    TD-9KX stock kit with extra PD-85 & CY8