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Easy way to get TONS of drumless songs

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  • Easy way to get TONS of drumless songs

    Hello everyone. First I want to say how impressed I am with the how helpful this forum has been and how positive you guys are. I really enjoy reading these genuinely helpful posts. I will be getting a brand new TD-3 for Christmas (even though i paid for half i still cant use it until Christmas ). I am new to drumming and it will be my first kit.

    ANYWAY I wanted to offer some help. On many guitar tab websites, they have certain "power tabs". These are basically songs written out in regular notation and tablature to help people learn how to play them. The songs also play out loud so you can hear them. If you download the free software you can open up these tabs and play along to them. The program is very lightweight but still has many helpful features for those interested in fooling around.

    http://www.power-tab.net/guitar.php -link to the software

    http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/..._power_tab.htm -example of good tab

    p.s.- If you explore a bit, the electric guitar (jazz) sounds the most realistic IMHO
    Is this where I put something clever?

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    Welcome to the forum and welcome to the world of edrums! BTW, great avatar!

    Thanks for jumping in with that helpful info and links. I'll have to check that out.

    So, what's your background? Sounds like you are reforming guitarist.


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      Welcome to the forum!

      I know the feeling, I am picking up a package tomorrow with a musical instrument in it...but I cant open it until after christmas (my birthday, 29/12)

      enjoy your kit, and thanks for the tip...I also like your avatar-spitting image?
      TD9+6v with Diamond Electronic pads, and cowbell.
      ATH-50m headphones, VEX packs
      not to mention keyboards, guitars, basses, and cats


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        That looks like a great tool for practicing. I noticed they have just about every imaginable band out there. Welcome to the forum! You'll love the TD-3, it's a great intro into the vdrum world.
        '94 Tama Starclassic maple 24" & 22" bass drums, 10",12",13",14" 16" toms, 20" Tama gong bass, 8" & 10" Tama concert toms, 14" Ludwig timbale, Pearl quarter toms, various snares and A Zildjian cymbals....
        Roland TD-9 module, 2 PD-105s, 2 PD-85's, 1 PD-120, CY-15R, VH-11, 2 CY-12 cymbals, 2 KD-7 kicks, TE3.2 Hart Pro snare and DW/Tama hardware.


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          My Avatar is a Busta Rhymes drawing that I found on google, and I look nothing like him. I have played bass for years but just recently started to explore the guitar a few months ago. I have had an infatuation with the drums ever since i played in my first band (about 7 years ago). I always said that the first thing I would buy if I were rich is an electric drum set. I'm not rich, I just had to get one anyway!
          Is this where I put something clever?


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            Welcome P341250n! Thanks for the tip.

            Lol, my 1st guess on avatar was Hendrix coz of musical influence and then Busta for likeness.


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              Welcome to the forum - woo-ha!
              Sorry, couldn't resist the BR reference!
              Enjoy your time here.