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Another drummer from Puerto Rico!

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  • OptimusV6
    Pics of the evolution of my kit here.

    It's really really REALLY nice being able to play the drums after midnight! Now I don't need to use the drum mutes on my A kit (it really sucks playing with them).

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  • KevH
    Welcome to the forum. Nice A kit there.
    I hope you enjoy the V Drums!

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  • OptimusV6
    Thanks! About the G.A.S., I am already thinking about purchasing a td20 in one or two years... But I need to start practicing ASAP and currently I do not have the funds to buy it. The TD3 will have to do for now.

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  • saku
    HeY Joe!

    Welcome to the forum...nice looking kit you have there....

    have fun with the td3...it is a good module...but the itch to upgrade is rampant on this forum!

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  • OptimusV6
    started a topic Another drummer from Puerto Rico!

    Another drummer from Puerto Rico!


    My name is Joe and I am addicted to drums! I have played guitar since 1997 and started drumming earlier this year. Its really addictive, AND LOUD!!! I cannot practice at night in my house due to my neighbors, so this week I started buying components to assemble my first electronic drum kit. So far I have bought the following:

    Roland TD-3 Drum Module (will be replace in a couple of years, of course)
    Roland FD-8 Hi hat controller
    Roland PD 105 drum pad (will be used as a snare until I get a PD 125)

    I will be getting the following items before year end:

    Roland KD-8 or Pintech Gig Kick
    Roland CY 5 (to be used as the hi hat)
    Crash - I don't have the slightest idea of what to buy. I may ultimately build a one zone crash using a POS 16" Sabian B8 crash that I have. If not, the two zone Yamaha's and the Roland CY12 look interesting.

    As you may have noted, I will start with a 3 piece kit of really good components (minus the module) in order to save some money first. The plans are to buy the PD125 next year (probably during summer), a Ride and one more tom. And of course, a TD20 in the future (don't we all?).

    And last but not least, my acoustic kit:

    Tama Imperialstar Drumset (12" 13" 16" 22")
    Tama Snare (14")
    Sabian B8 Pro 14" hi-hats
    Sabian B8 Pro 20" Ride
    Sabian AAX 16" Studio Crash
    Sabian AAX 18" Studio Crash
    Sabian HH Raw Bell 21" Dry Ride (my baby!)
    Tama Hardware

    You can also find me in the HC Drum forums, also as OptimusV6.


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