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Hello Everyone

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  • Hello Everyone

    Hello Forum!

    My name is Chad and I just took the plunge on a Roland TD-9SX. I am very excited! I grew up playing the Saxophone, Alto Sax to be precise, so I have a little bit of a music background. I lost touch with music for about 15 years and recently the itch has returned.

    Now this may seem funny but, I bought the Rock band game for my PS3 since it was released and have since upgraded to Rock band 2. I have fell in love with the drums. I know it is just a game but it has turned me on to playing the drums for real. My wife didn't want me to have an Acoustic drum set because of the noise and I quickly researched electronic drums and told her which one I wanted to get. She said go for it. (Very supportive wife)

    Here is where the great folks on this forum can help me out. I want to learn drums from the ground up; from the very beginning. I want to learn to read drum music and all of the methods and rudiments. Would any of you care to suggest where I might start? What lesson books/DVDs have you used or heard of? Any suggestions would be appreciated and I look forward to your responses.



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    Welcome to the forum from a fellow Td9er....and dont worry lots of people have arrived here via Rock Band.

    three excellent books for novices are:

    ultimate realistic rock by carmine appice (only flaw, it uses non standard, but very easy notation)...

    Mel Bay's Rock drumming and soloing methods by Rob Leytham

    66 drum solos for the modern drummer, by tom hapke

    if you do a search for 'DVD' and 'books', other people have asked and been answered...

    happy drumming!
    TD9+6v with Diamond Electronic pads, and cowbell.
    ATH-50m headphones, VEX packs
    not to mention keyboards, guitars, basses, and cats


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      Warm welcome

      Dear Chad,

      Welcome to the forum. As a rather new member, I can assure you that this Forum will answer almost any questions you might have or grow. There's hardly nothing that hasn't been discussed here before.

      For learning drums, my personal advice is to put lots of effort in getting the boring stuff right. If you make the effort as a n00b, advanced drumming will turn out to be a breeze.
      TD-20 | more drums than you can shake a stick at


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        elcome mate. Congrats on your purchase.

        Oh, and alto sax. Jerry Rafferty `Baker street`. Just got to love it.


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          Thanks for the input so far, I will search the rest of the forums for further suggestions. My TD-9SX arrives on Tuesday and I can't wait to get started.


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            Welcome to the forum. I hope your enjoying that kit now! Good choice.