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Ello from San Diego!

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  • Ello from San Diego!

    Hey guys, I've been lurking this forum for a while now, just thought I'd say hello.

    I'm 16, and I've been playing drums for almost four years now. I've pretty much played in church, backing up my family band.

    I'm here mostly for the DIY section.

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    Hi Carl.

    Yep it's a great place to get good info. I used this site a great deal when I was looking at purchasing my second E-Kit. The guys and gals on this site are all really good, and always happy to assist any way they can.

    I thought I would say hello when I noticed where you were living. I have just got back from LA and all the area's around it. It was my first trip to the USA and loved every part of it. People are great and had a wild time in Venice Beach. Met some really cool people.

    I wish I could purchase Roland stuff in Australia at the prices you guys get them for. That stuff costs HEAPS over here.

    Loved the SS Midway Aircraft Carrier on the water front, it was very cool... Anyway enjoy the site and keep on drummin



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      Welcome to the forum. The DIY section is great and full of techies!