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CD Release

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  • CD Release

    Hey, gang -

    I know I haven't posted here in a couple years (I used to be a pretty active member about 7-8 years ago), but I have been lurking. Life has gotten in the way of being a rock star, you know?

    My long-time band "North" just celebrated the release of our third CD last weekend with a show at The Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

    I'd love opinions - http://thenorthwebsite.com

    There are a few sample MP3's linked on the site:

    For the gearheads in the room, the setup is:

    TD-10 for all drums and cymbals EXCEPT:

    Snare: Premiere 8" Maple Snare from my first pro drum kit, circa 1983.
    Hi-Hat, Crash, Splashes, Ride: Paiste Signature line

    Photos of the gig here:

    (Unfortunately no good picks of the percussion back line - there are some great shots of Tom Sharpe, however, who is a long-time member of the band, and took time from his tour with Dennis DeYoung and his upcoming tour with Mannheim Steamroller to sit in with us. He's 100% pure awesome, and a hella solid drummer.)

    Thanks, all! Nice to see this is still a thriving community!
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    - Hans

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    I'm particularly fond of the drums on I'll Never Be Rid of You.
    TD9 Frankenkit


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      New Cd

      Sounds great!



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        Sounds nice! I like the sound of your TD-10. Are those the expanded or the non-expanded sounds?

        'lectric drumma
        Roland TD-20, Hart Dynamics 7.6, 2 x PD-7, extra PD-7 and Hart Snare laying around, Vic Firth Dave Weckl signature sticks, Axis A-longboards double pedal, Sony MDR-CD780 headphones and not enough inputs.


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          It's an expanded unit. I set these sounds when I bought it in 2000, and haven't really touched it too much since. :-)
          - Hans


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            Originally posted by 'lectric drumma
            Sounds nice! I like the sound of your TD-10. Are those the expanded or the non-expanded sounds?

            Of course, this is the TD-10, but through a metric crapton of professional processing, mastering, and damned fine audio engineering by the folks at Solid Sound (http://solidsound.net). You may recognize their client list. Ted Nugent, Joan Armatrading, Nora Jones, Tori Amos, Joan Osborne, Beck, Indigo Girls, Vanessa Williams, Ani DiFranco, Willie Nelson and others. :-)
            - Hans


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              Great hands ,Hans

              VeryKewl, Nice mix of solid drumming and hand percussion on the second song! I'm a 30 year hand percussionist just converter (drafted) to E''s to fill the need at church , AND LOVING IT! (About a year now)

              I noticed that you are using A's (snair,HH and cymbals) & E's (the rest) together. I'm thinking of trying this. Can you (all) shed some light (pro & cons) on this for this Technology challenged Ol'guy
              Thanks in advance


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                I don't know if I can shed any light, per se, but I can say I have been playing my V/A's combo since about mid-2000, gig regularly, and at this point it's pretty much status quo for me. I don't really treat or play my V's any differently than any other drums I've had, except that I have to keep a set of DI boxes around, some extra cabling, and a Roland amp.

                I suppose balance of snare/cymbals and V's is important, and it's easy to lose one or the other, but I count on the sound guy to make sure my volumes are in level.

                Does this even help? :-)

                EDIT: I did think of something - for larger gigs, I play acoustic snare and regular sticks. For smaller venues, I often go all electronic except cymbals, and play hot-rods. It helps with the small room sound.
                - Hans


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                  Wow, excellent work. Tight, crisp and melodic. And lyrics worth listening to.

                  The drums sound great also.

                  When are you guys playing in Ohio?