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Greetings from Chicagoland

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  • Greetings from Chicagoland

    Hello all,

    First post, thought I would do it right. I am coming out of an 18 year hiatus from playing - had a Tama Imperialstar single-headed set back then, was never that great at it to begin with.

    Lately had the bug to play again, and have been drooling over the TD-20 kit for the last few years whenever I happened to walk into a music store. I have an end-unit townhouse, so an acoustic kit has always been out of the question, and cannot stand how it feels to play hitting blocks of rubber.

    I finally got a gently used TD-20 set from Craig's, and it came with plenty of extra hardware including D7000 double, snare and hat stands with D5000, and a throne, speaker clamps, and a PD-8.

    The previous owner cracked one clamp and replaced it with a Gibraltar RS Multiclamp, and I managed to break another putting it together, and picked up Multiclamp today I have to say that the clamp is the only thing I don't like about the kit, but that seems to be pretty universal. I figure if they break I will just get the Gib's and be good to go.

    So... I am hoping to practice a lot, perhaps even take some lessons, and get back to where I was nearly 2 decades ago, and much further even, cause like I said - I wasn't that great to begin with.

    I picked up a 10 channel Behringer mixer from Craig's as well and using one of the speaker clamps, I turned the stand for the TD-20 control module into a T, mounting both the 20 and the mixer side-by-side, so I can mix in iPod, computer, DVD/CD, or other instruments as well. I am pretty stoked in general about the whole thing.

    I do have a few questions about some items, and will try to make sure they are posted in the right areas. I will probably also take a couple of pictures and get them posted up pretty quick, cause I am sure some folks will take an interest in the dual-mount of the mixer and the TD.

    Anyone else around Chicago? I am in the west burbs...

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    Welcome aboard, a lot of info' can be found hear, and a lot of it is GOOD info!! LOL I'm in the NW burbs, perimeter of O'Hare in Des Plaines to be exact. Not unlike you in that I've been an acoustic player for decades, just picked up an e-set (TD-20 based) for rehearsal purposes a few months ago after a band reunion triggered a desire to start playing actively. I had never not been playing the drums, but they sometimes sat a few months between uses. Some of that had to do with paranoia about disturbing the neighbors, hence the e-set. The acoustics were very well muted, I'm not sure my neighbors even know I play. Before last summer's 1st reunion rehearsal I hadn't actually "heard" my drums in several years because the mutes on them never came off.

    Enjoy the e-drums, (Tony the Tiger voice) they're GREAT!!
    and the jukebox plays..... !! (the Nails - Home of the Brave )

    E-set : TDW-20, 2 up & 2 down, VH-12, 6 cymbals (5 CY14, 1 CY15), 2 Pintech Dingbats all on a Gibraltar rack, thru a Simmons DA200S
    VExpressions Gigging Kits & Top 50 Drummers #1

    A-set : 1968 Ludwig Hollywood in Burgundy Sparkle


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      Hi Srobak,

      Welcome from the other side of the world - I came back to drums after a similar layoff and nearly a year later I'm really glad that I did.

      btw - I drove through Chicago once in the winter (I never knew what cold really meant until then....), so I'm sure you'll have a good time over the next 6 months on your kit.

      Looking forward to a photo of your kit and the double bracket - sounds like a good piece.


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        Hi mate and congrats on your purchase. I laid off for 20 years and have been back to it again for about 20 months, thanks to these Roland kits. I just love-em.


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          Welcome to the forums!

          The Internet has happened since you've been away from drumming, you'll find so much drumming info that it's impossible not to be inspired by some of it.

          I reckon you'll soon play a lot better than you ever did before.




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            Thanks all for the welcome. I sure hope to be playing a lot better - if not within say... 12 months, then this kit will likely be for sale, hehe.

            Sly> I have an office in DP and another in EGV, and used to live in Glenview. Small world.


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              Originally posted by srobak View Post
              Thanks all for the welcome. I sure hope to be playing a lot better - if not within say... 12 months, then this kit will likely be for sale, hehe.

              Sly> I have an office in DP and another in EGV, and used to live in Glenview. Small world.
              ...and I live in Grayslake...about 3 miles away from 6 Flags Great America...

              Very small world..welcome!!

              (-and GO CUBS GO!!!)

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                Ok... only a couple of pix - the battery died, so I will try to get some more tonight.

                Here is the set itself, and afterwards - the mixer stand add-on...

                How I did this was that I took one of the Roland speaker stands apart, and clamped the TD-20 mount onto one of the short tubes, and used the existing long tube to go to the left out of the T, as well as one of the elbows. I then put industrial strength Velcro on the top of the base for the speaker mount - fabric side on the base, hook side on the bottom of the mixer. Stable and solid, even under a heavy pounding.

                I will take more in-depth pix to show a better idea of how I did this, and post them into a thread in Technical later.