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Which is the better deal?

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  • Which is the better deal?

    I've been looking on craigslist, and I'm wondering if someone could tell me which of these is the best deal. I'm looking to spend under $1000 (I can play on a low level but I'm looking to improve). I've done a good bit of research on my own, but since I'm far from a conoisseur, I'm looking for some backup advice.

    ($500) TD-7 Kit including (TD-7 Module, KD-7 kick trigger, hi-hat pedal, and 7 pads for snare/toms/hat/cymbals. They all look like PD-7's from the picture)

    ($990) TD-9S+DW7000 kick pedal, basically new (4 months). I guess it comes with whatever TD-9S's come with nowadays

    ($550) TD-5 set including (TD-5 Module, 6 PD-5 pads, 1 PD-9 Pad, 1 FD-6 hat pedal, 1 KD-5 kick pad, 1 pearl kick pedal) Supposedly also there are some scratches and markings from use (to be expected) and a frame hinge is slightly broken.

    I only know the first one's available-the others haven't replied. My other option is getting a new TD-3 for $1000--is that maybe still a better buy than some of these?
    Or maybe is it a better idea to keep waiting on craigslist. Are there any other good places to get cheaper v-drums? Thanks a lot.
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    My guess is the TD-9 if it's available.



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      Well I just bought a TD-3 and its great i want to upgrade now GAS!!!!!! but having the kit brand new is worth the wait but those prices are cheap so go for the td-9 if they reply if not I would go for the brand new TD-3


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        Are these particular TD-5 and TD-7s inferior to a new TD-3 then? (I'm guessing if they are it'd be due to lack of mesh snare, actual cymbals, and the kd kick?--would those components make those kits less worth it than a new TD-3?)