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Need help - Yamaha DTXPRESS IV Special Set vs Roland TD-6KX

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  • Need help - Yamaha DTXPRESS IV Special Set vs Roland TD-6KX

    I am thinking of buying a new electronic drum kit but cannot make my mind up between two different models; the Yamaha DTXPRESS IV Special Set and the Roland TD-6KX.
    As I have no experience in electronic drum kits I was wondering whether anyone could help me make my decision. The only information I have between the two is that the Yamaha has one more cymbal and is also cheaper by a couple hundred pound.

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    Can you still find a 6KX for sale? as the model has been replaced by the TD 9...just wondering, some stock might still exist...

    I started with the 6, and loved it, though after a year or so I upgraded to the newer, flashier 9....
    TD9+6v with Diamond Electronic pads, and cowbell.
    ATH-50m headphones, VEX packs
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      The Roland sets seem to be more popular. The only advantage I ever saw in Yamahas is that they start at a slightly lower pricier. They are supposed to have some upsides, but I really don't know what they are.

      For me the key deciding point was the Roland triggers are really nice. No triangle shaped cymbals, and mesh pads are an absolute must. Of course, many starter TD6 kits start out with only a mesh pad for the snare, but the important thing is you can replace the rubber PD-8s to mesh pads over time if you so desire. And when upgrading you can get some pretty good prices on ebay if you're persistant.

      Another nice thing about going the Roland route, is that you can just stalk craiglist until something good turns up. i think you can typically get a TD6 set for $700-$900 that way, thats how I bought mine. The same is probably true of the Yamaha sets. Even if the kit is not perfect (for example my kit had a PD-8 pad for a hi-hat) you can always get new drum triggers later on. Although you'll want to make sure it has a black TD6V module, not a blue TD6. Those things are real old tech.

      Anyway, whatever you do, make sure you try out both at your local music store first...
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        I've played both the Yamaha and Roland kits, and IMO, the response and sounds on the Roland V Drums are MUCH better. I have the TD-3 kit and it's great! Looking to upgrade the sound module after the first of the year. Let us know how you make out. above all, HAVE FUN!!!


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          In my search for a kit, Ive debated over the same thing, albeit TD3/TD9 against the Dtxpress IV special, not the TD6.

          Some adantages for the Yamaha are that it has some 3 zone cymbals, comes with an additional cymbal over the Roland kit, has play along songs built in (dont know if the TD6 has this?) has a decent hihat with a stand.

          Some advantages for the Roland kit are that it has much better triggering and sensitivity on the cymbals. The Yamaha snare pad is actually pretty good...it just doesnt have the feel of the mesh heads on the Roland, advantage Roland there. Also, the cymbals are lighter and feel more natural than the heavy cymbals on the Yamaha. To round it off, the drum kit sounds, and overall sound quality of the Roland is better than the Yamaha.

          Both are very nice kits though