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    connect your ipod to the mix in jack of the td 12 and then you can play along to it...the webiste with the td-12 manula is down at the moment, so i cant look up the metronome for you...somebody will be buy presently to answer your question....anything else you dont understand in the manual, just ask away!

    and welcome to the community!

    keep the beat!

    EDIT: the backing patterns and songs on the td12 can be played with the metronome, but any song you play from an outside source, you would have to set the metronome manually...ie. if you play songa.mp3, you would have to know that it plays at 143 bpm and set your metronome accordingly...the td 12 doesnt analyse outside songs.....
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      hi there dunc just like to say i have just joined the vdrum forum just the other day its great for info and i also have just bought a drum kit a few months ago .(also im learning to play them) so were pretty much in the same boat just like to say hello


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        welcome to the group...I'm a new TD-12 owner and haven't begun to scratch the surface of figuring it out...you'll have to let us know if you think the DVD from Roland was helpful or not....I use the "baby-step" method in learning new things....a little bit at a time

        There are a lot of well versed folks in V-drums so you'll learn a lot or get good answers to your questions


        TD-12, Pintech mesh heads on 12" snare, 12" tom, 2 10" toms, 8"kick, Dingbat and Visulite 14" crash, 13" hi-hats and 18" 3 way crash, PM-10, iPod, Zildjian anti-vibe sticks, Tama HP200 pedal, Tama hi-hat stand, Yamaha snare stand, sound percussion throne all on a GIbraltar rack

        TD-12/Gibraltar rack/Pintech Concertcast drums 12" snare, 1 12" tom, 2 10" toms, 8" mesh kick, Visulite cymbals, 14" dual zone crash, 13" hi-hat, 18" 3 zone ride and 2 Dingbats, Roland PM-10, iPod, Zildjian anti-vibe sticks, Roc-N-Soc throne with backrest, Yamaha snare stand, Tama Iron Cobra pedal and HH75W hi-hat stand, Sennheiser HDR 110 wireless headphones. V-expressions 80's and 90's Giggin' Kits and Both Top 50 drummers (hopefully functional soon)


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          Welcome to the forum Dunc. Theres all sorts here fom beginners to pros.

          One big happy family.


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            Thanks for all the great comments so far.

            I spent a few hours with the kit on Saturday and I am slowly getting to grips with some of the settings. I have successfully set up my own kit with all the pads and rims set to the sounds and instruments I want, and all in the right places, so I am very happy with myself.

            I have also figured out how to get my Ipod working with the kit, and it all sounds great.

            One thing that is bugging me is the volume for the default patterns, its way to loud. I found were to adjust it, but the default patterns are locked?

            Does anyone know how to unlock them, so I can a just the levels?

            Cheers Duncan


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              Welcome to the forum. I am sure, you will feel right at home with these people (tho they/we are nuts).
              Ask not whether something is useful -- ask what it is useful for.

              Roland TD-12, Iron Cobra hihat stand and bass-drum pedal from TAMA. My accoustic kit is a Yamaha Power-V Birch with Paiste Alpha-series splashes, crashes, and hihat. My ride is a Zildjan Ping Ride, 20" I think.

              Check out my TD-12 on Youtube. My page is here http://www.youtube.com/HerlPearl.