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Long time DIY lurker (here's my setup)

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  • Long time DIY lurker (here's my setup)

    Hi everyone! I'm in the middle of converting a bunch of acoustic drums to electronic. I've browsed the DIY forums for a long time but never posted or thought to join. So here I am! I'm in the middle of the build right now, here's what I have so far:

    -16" tom cut in half to make two. I stained these a nice cherry red (wood grain still very visible) and applied about 10 coats of high gloss sealer.
    -12" and 13" toms cut in half (so 6 total) stained the same color and in the process of getting the gloss.
    - all hardware painted semi-gloss black enamel
    - ABS high-strength plastic homemade rack
    - Dual Bass drum triggers made out of PVC and foam (separate, two single kicks)
    - homemade fiberglass heads
    - Roland TD-12 module

    The set is going to:
    - two tube preamps (one per channel)
    - Delta 1010MP soundcard
    - recording via SONAR 7 producer Edition.

    My acoustic set is a Tama starclassic maple with three extra gretsch ash toms (excellent compliment to the maple), 4 Zildjian A Customs, Sabian Rock hats, Sabian AAX splash (I think? It was a long time ago when I got this!).

    Guitars are Epiphone G-400, Gibson SG. Bass is Line 6 Variax (very cool btw).

    Oh, and a cheap 25 key small MIDI controller


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    I have an epiphone as well, and would like a Variax, but make do with a pod xtl...

    show us pictures!

    er, of your set....
    TD9+6v with Diamond Electronic pads, and cowbell.
    ATH-50m headphones, VEX packs
    not to mention keyboards, guitars, basses, and cats


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      Hi! Right now I'm at school with just the epi and the variax, unfortunately noise restrictions and a couple visits by the local police have grounded my beloved SC at home, so no recent pics of it right now . Hopefully with this edrum build I can get back on my feet again! I def recommend the variax if you're into recording and can afford it. It gives you so many fun things to fool around with!

      Thinking of selling the SG and some of my cymbals to help fund this project though :-\ that TD-12 left me completely dry.

      edit: I will take pics of my edrums so far when I get home today!


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        tbo...you must post pics...that is a requirement or you will be forever deemed a big poopy head!
        (hehe...that's my "witty" way of saying I wanna see photos! )

        will the 16" cut in half be your 2 kicks?

        I also sold off acoustic stuff to fund my edrumming...in fact, all of my acoustic stuff. I don't regret it, but there's still that part of me that misses all of those beautiful cymbals.
        Stick twirling - because you obviously have mastered all other aspects of drumming already, right?


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          Okay here are some pictures of the build. Top is my 16" after I took everything out from inside it to diagnose double triggering. Middle is the 3 remaining shells getting another coat of lacquer (ugh, when does it stop!). The bottom is a before and after from the two 16"s that I'm making. The first one was done as a "test" to make sure all my finishing techniques were okay. I think it came out looking pretty good myself! My kicks are essentially these:


          Only made out of PVC for about $5 a piece Tested and they work great!

          Will post more pictures as the build comes along.
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