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New drummer from Greece says Hi...!!!

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  • New drummer from Greece says Hi...!!!

    Hi guys...I got my TD 9-KX with an extra CY-8 last week and I decided to sign up here...I did this thread mostly to see if there is anyone from Greece...
    Nice to join your company..We'll talk again soon..Great forum..really helpful..!!!
    Sorry if my English isn't that good...

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    Welcome by a fellow TD-9KX player!

    I'm not from Greece but The Netherlands (you probably have a lot better weather than we do here) so my English just a bad as yours .


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      Hello from another fellow continental (Sweden) and td 9 player!
      but i prefer our weather, not too hot, not too cold...
      TD9+6v with Diamond Electronic pads, and cowbell.
      ATH-50m headphones, VEX packs
      not to mention keyboards, guitars, basses, and cats


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        Well the truth is, apart from the weather and the amazing beaches and islands, I prefer your countries too...Way more beautiful, especially your cities...both Sweden and Netherlands...


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          I'm a Macedonian, does that count? Hahaha, some would say yes, some would say no, some would shoot me, some would shoot you, and others would just shoot us both.. Gotta love the Balkans man!! Welcome to the forum dude, hope you find everything you need here
          "Today young men on acid realised that all matter is purely energy condensed to a slow vibration; That we are all of one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively; There's no such thing as death, life is only a dream and we're the imagination of ourselves.. Here's Tom with the weather"...

          TD-20 + TMC-6 + VF-1 + Gen16's = Not enough inputs.
          Watch me - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLqt6zaAYkY


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            I'm Greek but live here in the USA. Don't the Greeks still rule the world!!


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              Gia sou Achillea
              i am also from Greece-Athens and i also found this forum great
              i have the td 6-kw

              oti thes edo tha imaste na ta leme
              Ex E-kits:
              ''Lernean Hydra'' ( a bounche of roland pads with a td-6 module)
              ''Lucy'' (Diamond electronic drums with a td-12 module)
              current E-kit
              ''Cherry Gretschy Lady'' (Gretsch Catalina Ash 6 piece A to E kit-Roland td20 module-A to E cymbals)

              " Mrs.Catalina'' (Gretsch Catalina maple 6 piece kit-Paiste signature+Masterwork custom made cymbals)

              check out a few videos http://www.youtube.com/user/hampisdrums